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Tournament Directors (TD) Last Update: 7/2/2014


Tournament Directors (TDs) are the core of the Leagues Team; their main responsibility is to Schedule, Create, Start, Host and Finish Tourneys and Events. This includes:

  • To create regular Tournaments.
  • To advertise for Tournaments.
  • To be present in the Tournament room before Tournament start time.
  • To start Tournament on time.
  • To run the Tournament smoothly, within rules.
  • To resolve disputes among Players swiftly and fairly.
  • To answer all questions and enquiries related to current Tournament.
  • To acknowledge winner and loser in lobby and thank both for participating.
  • To finish the Tournament as soon as winner(s) is declared.
  • To report any misconduct or harassment by any Player during the Tournament.

If you are interested in becoming a TD; please click on the Become a TD under the LEAGUE ADMIN Tab on the League Menu. The basic requirements are:

  • 16+ years old.
  • Should be a Premium Member.
  • Should have played a certain minimum Elite Matches varying by League.
  • Available to host Tournaments regularly in a time zone having vacancies.
  • Maturity and good judgment.
  • Pleasant personality.
  • Capable of working under pressure.
  • Full dedication and loyalty to Eliters. Should not be a TD or Admin in any other Gaming Site/League.

TDs are provided with a set of tools that allow them to perform their duties. TDs are initially trained on all these tools and the General Tournament Rules and Procedures, as well as the League Specific Tourney Rules.

TDs are volunteers; donating their personal time to offer fun for everyone participating in Tourneys and Events. In an attempt to show our gratitude to the TDs for all of their hard work, we do reward them with YEPs for hosting, as well as YEPs and Cash Bonuses for their exceptional performance. For more details on Tournament Directors Benefits please visit the next Help Topic 2192.

League TD Team

The League Team is structured as follows:

  • Head Administrator (HA) reporting directly to the President and Functionally to all VPs and Directors at the corporate level.
  • Assistant Administrator (AA) to assist the HA in performing his/her duties and responsibilities.
  • Team Leaders (GL) reporting directly to the Head Administrator; and assisted (optional) by Assistant Team Leaders (AGL).
  • Tournament Directors (TD) reporting directly to the Team Leader; ranked in 3 levels based on experience:
    • Senior Tournament Director (SrTD) 100+ Tourneys
    • Tournament Director (TD) 31 - 99 Tourneys
    • Junior Tournament Director (JrTD) 0 - 30 Tourneys
    • Head Tournament Directors (HTD) are Honorary TDs aiming to assist the League whenever needed.

Special TD Teams

Special Forces TDs (SFTDs) will manage the Hot Tourneys System. The SFTD main role will be to fill the Calendar with Tourney s for all Leagues during a specific time span.The SFTD team will be composed of very dedicated, disciplined and experienced TDs, they will report directly to a SF Director.

Each Play Groups (Pogo and YMix for other Play Sites) will have its own Team of Support TDs (PSTDs).The ultimate objective of the PSTD Team is to provide highly professional and condensed support for the New, Struggling, and Basic Leagues having less than 4 active Regular TDs, until they have their own Admin and Regular TD Team.

TDs Playing While Hosting Updated

TDs should never play in other Tourneys while Hosting; however, they may Donate in as many 1x1 Tourneys they like. This No Playing while Hosting restriction do not apply in the following cases:

  • Playing in ONLY 1 of their Tourneys at a Time; please check the next Tab.
  • Playing a Weekly (Multi-Day) Tourney Match.
  • Playing Matches in Events spread over many days such as ELIC, Decathlon, and EDS.
  • Team Tourney (2x2) needing one Player to complete the Teams (6, 8, 10, 12 etc...).
  • A High Stake (500+ YEPs) Tourney.

TDs Playing in Their Tourneys

Eliters TDs are allowed to Donate as per Help Topic 2107; they may also Play in their own Tourneys of any Format (1x1, 1x3, 1xN,and 2x2) and of any Type (AA, SE, S4, Q4, DE, RR, SR); adhering to the following Rules and Guidelines:

  • TDs should try their best to get the minimum Players required to start the Tourney; however they may register before the Tourney Start Time.
  • TDs may Play in ONLY 1 of their Tourneys at a Time while Hosting; they should never play in other Tourneys while Hosting; therefore the Playing and Hosting restrictions and exceptions listed above will continue to apply after joining 1 Tourney.
  • TDs must be very attentive and cautious especially when joining their own DE, RR, or SR Tourneys not to sacrifice the Hosting Quality.
  • The 1 Tourney at a time restriction does not apply in the following cases:
    • TDs can play in ALL their Weekly (Multi-Day) Tourneys at the same time, and with whatever number of registered Players.
    • TDs will be allowed to play in Events hosted by them such as TOC, BCT, PAT, ELIC, MDC, Decathlon, EDS and Olympics. All Events Minimum Tourney Requirements will remain as they are now.
    • Team Tourney (2x2) needing one Player to complete the Teams (6, 8, 10, 12 etc...); the TD may make the number of players even after 5 minutes of start time.
    • Substitute in a tourney run by them.
  • TDs, including SFTDs, may continue to Donate in any further Tourney run by them at the same time. This applies only on 1x1 Tourneys and it is not allowed in 1x3 or 2x2 or 1xN Tourneys. The TD must donate and Report Loss when due to Play.

The following links were added at the top right corner of the Tourney Admin page to allow the TD to register, withdraw, and substitute directly in the Tourney:

  • Register in Tourney
  • Withdraw from Tourney
  • Register as Substitute

TDs must continue to apply the highest Hosting Standards while Playing in Tourneys or Events while Hosting. Players may report any violation to the above Rules using the Feedback available at the Bottom Left of the Tourney page, and providing all supporting screen shots.

Any abuse of the above Rules and Guidelines will never be tolerated; TDs violating or abusing these facilities will be warned and then terminated if they persist on their violations.

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