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Mini-Tourneys Last Update: 7/2/2014


Mini-Tourneys Basic Rules

Mini-Tourneys are Head to Head (1x1) Tournaments played by 2 Players, or (2x2) or (1x3) Tournaments played by 4 Players, by prearrangement. They serve the purpose of individual challenges (supervised by a TD), or as a way to play while waiting for a scheduled tournament to start.

  • Mini-Tourneys may be hosted by any TD or above (not by JrTDs). They may be run alongside regular tourneys for Players who have not entered or who have lost in that tourney. Any available TD may host a Mini-Tourney: s/he may be hosting a regular tourney, playing, or simply in the room.
  • The Hosting TDs may play in his/her own Mini-Tourney.
  • Any 2 Premium Members may request a 1x1 Mini-Tourney. Also 2x2 and 1x3 Mini-Tourneys may be arranged for Team Leagues and 4P Leagues.
  • The Players decide the Match Points and other settings, and the challenge YEPs.
  • Tourney challenge Fees will be a minimum of 100 YEPs (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 750 or 1000).
  • A Player may not play a mini-tourney for more than one fourth of the YEPs in his/her account. Example: A Player having 350 YEPs balance may not play in a 100 YEPs Mini-Tourney.
  • Hosting TDs will only be able to start Mini-Tourneys within double their YEPs limits. (i.e. TD – 500 YEPs, SrTD – 2000 YEPs, AGL – 3000 YEPs, GL – 4000 YEPs etc.).
  • Tourney Prizes (total challenge fees pot) will be distributed as follows:
    • 75 % to Winner
    • 10 % to Hosting TD
    • 15 % to Eliters.
  • Mini-Tourneys will not show on the main Tourney Calendar. Instead, each party to the Tourney will see the Mini Tourney Listed on his/her “MyTourneys” in the main menu or at: http://www.eliters.com/games/main/mytourneys.asp
  • The Hosting TD will have all pending Mini-Tourneys listed on his/her MyTourneys. The TD will be able to administrate the tourney directly on this page.
  • The TD may cancel the Mini-Tourney if anyone of the Players fail to register. The Mini-Tourney may not be cancelled after all Players have clicked the "Register" button.
  • Each Mini-Tourney will have only one winner in case of 1x1 or 1x3, or pair of winners in case of 2x2 Team Leagues.
  • The Matches stats, and YEPs Log for all Parties will be updated with Mini-Tourneys. Mini-Tourneys will not affect the Tourney stats.
  • Winning a Mini-Tourney will not qualify the winner to participate in TOC.

How to Create a Mini-Tourney?

  • Players should locate a TD who is available and willing to create and host a Mini-Tourney. No TD is required to do so.
  • One of the Players should provide the TD with the Tourney start time, Players’ Elite IDs, and the YEPs/US $ stakes desired.
  • The TD, if available, will create this Mini-Tourney on the spot, and it will appear on all participating Players’ MyTourneys Page.
  • Players must then register in the Mini-Tourney by clicking the "Register" button.

How to Play a Mini-Tourney?

  • As soon as all participating Players are registered, the Mini-Tourney has started and they may begin playing.
  • All matches should be played on Rated Tables.
  • A 15-minute boot/freeze clock will be in effect, to be verified by the TD or, in TD’s absence, any other Eliters TD.
  • In a 1x3 4P Mini-Tourney, booted /frozen player will be substituted by a robot.

Reporting the Result of a Mini-Tourney

  • The Hosting TD will attend the Match. While TD presence at the table is not absolutely required, it is a good idea for the TD to keep tabs on the match as it progresses.
  • The Hosting TD will report the Match result.
  • If The TD is not available for any reason at the conclusion of the Match, all Players should email the result to the TD as soon as they can.
  • In case of a dispute on the result, the TD will check the Play Site records; if they exist, investigate, and rule the winner. The TD ruling is final.

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