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Challenges (Head to Head) Last Update: 7/2/2014


Challenges Basic Rules

Challenges are Head to Head (1x1) Matches played by 2 Players, by prearrangement. They serve the purpose of individual challenges, or as a way to play while waiting for a scheduled tournament to start. 

  • Any Premium Member may challenge another Premium Member either in the lobby or through IM, or any Premium Players may agree to have a match any time. 
  • The Players decide the Match Points and other settings, and the Challenge YEPs. The Challenge should be for one Match and not 2 out of 3. 
  • Challenge Fees will be a minimum of 100 YEPs and a maximum of 1000 YEPs. If they wish to have a higher stake, they may ask a TD to set a Mini-Tourney for them. 
  • A Player may not play in a Challenge for more than one fourth of the YEPs in his/her account. Example: A Player having 350 YEPs balance may not play in a 100 YEPs Challenge. 
  • A Player may not have more than 3 opened Challenges at any specific time. 
  • The Losing Player should report the Match Loss within 24 hours, otherwise will be subject to penalties. 
  • The Winner will get 80% of the total Challenge YEPs fees pot. 
  • Each party will to the Challenge will see the details of the Challenge Listed on his/her “MyTourneys” in the main menu or at: http://www.eliters.com/games/main/mytourneys.asp
  • The Challenge will remain valid for 24 hours and it will be cancelled automatically thereafter if not accepted by the challenged Player. 
  • The Matches stats, YEPs Log for all Parties will be updated with the Challenge results. Challenges will not affect the Tourney stats. 
  • Winning a Challenge will not qualify the winner to participate in TOC. 
  • Any abuse of the Challenge system will not be tolerated. This includes harassing other players, giving free wins, cheating, not reporting Losses, transferring YEPs illegally etc. 
  • Eliters reserves the right to penalize, purge, remove, ban, or withdraw any Member not abiding by the above rules. Eliters Management decisions are final. 

How to Create/Accept a Challenge?

  • Players should agree first on playing a match and on the fees, location and game settings.
  • One of the Players may create the Challenge using the link at the League menu or on "MyTourneys", specifying the fees, location, in addition to the Opponent ID.
  • The Challenge will appear automatically on the Opponent's "MyTourneys".
  • The Challenged Opponent has 3 options, either to "Accept", "Reject", or simply "Ignore" the Challenge to expire within 24 hours.
  • Rejected and Expired Challenges are removed automatically from the "MyTourneys" List every 2 days.

How to Play a Challenge?

  • As soon as the Challenged Opponent accepts the Challenge, the 2 Players are charged with YEPs/US $ fees, and the Challenge match may proceed.
  • All matches should be played on Rated Tables.
  • If a Player freezes or get booted, the remaining Player has the option at his own discretion to wait, save the match, or force forfeit based on the Play Site settings.

Reporting the Result of a Challenge

  • The Loser of the Match will report the Match result within 24 hours.
  • In case of an error in reporting, submit a Ticket using the Category Tourneys >> Tourney Error.
  • If the Loser does not report the match within 24 hours, the winning Player should "Claim Win" using the provided button on the Challenge List in "MyTourneys".
  • Eliters Management will investigate the Claim. This includes checking the Play Site records; if they exist, contacting the other Player, checking the reporting history of both Players.
  • Eliters Management will report the Loss. The Management ruling is final.
  • The Player failing to report the Loss will be penalized 100 YEPs for every unreported match.

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