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Multiple-day Tournaments (Week) Last Update: 1/10/2015


These are high points Tournaments played over several days (weeklong); they will show on the calendar with “Week” in the Tournament Span. Example: SE W Prem for Single Elimination Week Multiple-day Tournament for Premium Members only.

  • Tournament will be created at least 3 days before the Tournament date.

  • Tournament will be opened for registration 24 hours before the start time to give players the chance to register.
  • Round 1 Matches should be played within 72 hours of the official tourney start time. Following Rounds Matches should be played within 72 hours from the end time of the previous Round. The actual start time should never affect the Rounds Ending time; therefore Round 1 might have slightly less than 72 hours.

    Example 1: a Multiple-day SE Tourney scheduled on May 1, 2003 at 8:00 AM:
    • Round 1 should be played before 7:59 AM May 04
    • Round 2 should be played before 7:59 AM May 07
    • Round 3 should be played before 7:59 AM May 10
    • Round 4 should be played before 7:59 AM May 13

    Example 2: a Multiple-day RR Tourney scheduled on May 1, 2003 at 8:00 AM:
    • Round 1 - Match 1 should be played before 7:59 AM May 04
    • Round 1 - Match 2 should be played before 7:59 AM May 07
    • Round 1 - Match 3 should be played before 7:59 AM May 10
    • Round 2 Playoff should be played before 7:59 AM May 13 if 2 Players, and before 7:59 AM May 19 if 3 Player
  • It is OK to play more than one Round within 24 hours, or play a match  earlier than the Round schedule, if the next opponent is known and ready to play. However, this should not affect the next Rounds finish time.

    Example: If Players A and B are having Byes in the first Round, they can play their match in Round 2 immediately, and no need to wait for the official start time of Round 2. This will have no effect on the Round 3 completion time; Players reaching Round 3 will have 216 hours (9 days) from the Official Tourney Start time to finish their matches, however they can play them as early as they want.

  • Each Player can identify his/her opponent at the top left corner on Tournament page and on the Tournament Chart.

  • Once started, players are responsible for arranging the match play with their opponent via Eliters Messenger (EM). Opponent Email will be available, in 1x1 Tourneys, by clicking on opponent’s ID, to assist in arranging the match. Players may also utilize IM, however, these will not be taken as valid attempts for Win Claims purposes; valid attempts made using EM will always count more in any decision the TD may make in advancing players should the match not be played.

  • Valid attempts consist of offering at least a full 2 hour period of availability to your opponent; during the original Round Official Time Span, with enough advance notice before the suggested time periods; avoid setting up an exact time just 1 or 2 hours ahead and expect your opponent to be there!

  • In 2x2 tourneys; substitutes may be placed, at the  Host's discretion; and only for non-communication, emergencies, or request by the player they are subbing for.
    • The host will keep a sub list (following the rules of regular 2x2 tourneys) and will make the appropriate sub decisions based on the the order of notification and availability to play as the match is scheduled.
    • Once a sub is seated, the team is frozen and no further substitutions can be made in subsequent rounds.
    • If the remaining player chooses to forfeit the round, no sub will be seated.
  • Matches should be played according to the General Tournament Rules (rated, protected tables) and according to the points set for each Round.

  • If your opponent gets booted from the table:
    • Please note this in Eliters Messenger and wait for 15 minutes.
    • If not back in 15 minutes, and you are unable to wait longer, have a screen capture of the table or at least make a note of points already played, and save the match (if this possible). Make a note of this in Eliters Messenger.
    • Contact your opponent via Eliters Messenger, IM or email requesting a time to complete (or replay) the match and be sure to send the TD a copy.
    • If there is any dispute regarding booted player situation, please email TD as soon as possible.
  • The losing opponent is responsible to report the loss on the Tournament page in order to keep the multiple-day tournament progressing.

  • The winning opponent is responsible to check that the losing opponent did report the loss on the Tournament page, if not reported within 1 hour from the end of the Match, the winning opponent should email the TD, and record this unreported match via Eliters Messenger, and the TD will post the result after checking.

  • The TD will use the EM, and will make every attempt to keep the Tournament progressing without forfeited matches.

  • Any matches not played will be forfeited to the highest Rating player (based on Rating at the start of the Tournament), and in case the Rating is equal; the matches not played will be forfeited to the highest Seeded player. However, the TD has the right to award the win to the player with lower Rating or lower Seeding, if s/he has made the more serious and valid attempts to arrange and play the match. In all these situations, the decisions of the TD are final.

  • Tournament fees will be deducted at the start of the Tournament, as in all other Tournaments. Matches are posted in the players log as they are played. However, prizes will not be awarded until the Tournament closes out, which will be within a week's time.

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