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Gatherings and Special Live Events Last Update: 8/22/2003

Eliters may organize Members Gatherings and Special Live Events. These events will usually include several Live Tourneys in various games and formats, coordinated by the Events Director.

A Live Tourney system was designed to cater for Tourneys hosted during Eliters Gatherings and Live Events. The Live Tourney System will work as follows:

  • The Live Event Host will apply for the event to be approved by the VP Marketing and the President. The application should include the following details. Please refer to Eliters Open Montreal:

    • Event Host: Should be preferably be an Eliters Admin or Experienced TD.
    • Host TD (s)
    • Event Name: Official Party Name.
    • Event Dates: Exact dates, arrival day and time, tourneys days, and departure day and time.
    • Event Location: City, State, Room address. All Eliters Live Events are required to be a third party venue. (Packages can usually be arranged to provide free or discounted rooms.)
    • Accommodation, Food, and Entertainment Facilities: Accommodation details, Address, rates, etc.
    • Games involved: If Multiple Games, a TD should be assigned for each Game.
    • Suggested Tourneys: Type, Fees, Bonus, And Special Prizes. The Tourneys may be any of Type, Format, and Special Rules. Fees will be in YEPs and may have a Bonus up to 1000 YEPs. However, these tourneys may not be an Invitation or Milestone or Special Style Tourney (as the style will be always Live).
    • Event Schedule: Timing of Tourneys, and other activities.
    • Fees and Prizes: If there is going to be a Registration Fee, or there is any intention to have Cash Tourneys, or the Hotel is paying any commissions or subsidies, this should be presented in detail and discussed and approved in advance.

      The Host may not ask for any contributions to cover for any costs unless this is agreed in advance and stated clearly in the announcement.

      A budget should be prepared to summarize the Cash inflow, and how it is going to be spent and the net income paid back to participants in Prizes and Gifts. Eliters.com does not intend to make any income out of these events.
    • Registration procedures.


  • Once the VP Marketing and the President approve the event:

    • The event will be added to the Events pages, under the “Live” Tab. The Live Events tab will show a complete list with links to the History and Upcoming Live events. See http://www.eliters.com/games/main/eventslive.asp?show=history
    • An Event Introduction page will be published to include all the details presented in step 1. See http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v001main.asp
    • The Event Host may start announcing for the event in the various Clubs and in the News.
    • The Event Host may suggest an email to be sent to Eliters members in certain location, or in certain Membership category, or in certain League.
    • The Hosting TDs will be authorized to create Live Tourneys; a Tourney Style was added on the drop down Tourney Style list. The Live Tourneys will show on the TD Tourneys list, however they will not show on the League or General Calendar.


  • The Event Host and/or Hosting TD can start announcing for the Party/Gathering.

  • The Hosting TD will Create the Live Tourneys that may be any of Type, Format, and Special Rules. YEPs Tourneys may have a Bonus up to 1000 YEPs.

  • The Hosting TD will open the Tourneys as usual, and will invite the Players to register individually using a special, user friendly, Live Tourney Registration form, controlled by the TD. The TD should not make registration, for password protection, also the remember password function should be off. The system caters for Single (1x1, 1x3) and Team (2x2) Tourneys.

  • Players should report the results to the TD and the TD will make the reporting on the Tourney page.

  • As soon as a winner is declared, the TD will Finish the Tourney as usual.

  • The Event Director/TD will award the Special Prizes to the Winners.

  • The Tourneys results will be added to a special section on the Event page.

  • The pictures taken during the Event will be posted in a special Photo Album attached to the Event page.

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