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Backgammon (Safe Harbor) Last Update: 6/25/2014


Welcome to Eliters Backgammon Safe Harbor League (BGY).  Safe Harbor Backgammon does not support team play. Eliters Backgammon, however, holds tournaments in both individual and team formats.

BGY is now hosted by Safe Harbor Games.


  • Match Points - see “Round Points”; As a rule, higher fees tourneys will have higher Matches points. Typical tourneys range from 2 to 5 points rounds.
  • Rated Table - see “Tourney Special Rules”
  • Set table to “Protected”; Never set tables to "private" without the TD's permission, as theTD must have access to tables without invitation.
  • A player's turn is officially over when the dice are passed to the opponent. Therefore, it is highly recommended to turn-off Auto Pass.



Doubling is allowed in all Eliters Backgammon Tourneys, except in 1point games (Blitzes) and where noted in the Tourney rules. If a player doubles in a 1point game, the players should call the TD to the table. Often, this is a mistake with no malicious intent. In most circumstances, the TD will have the player accept the Cube and continue playing the game. If the Cube was rejected, the TD will instruct the players to restart the game.

If after repeated cubes in 1-point games, or if the TD determines the use of the cube was not an accident and was done to try to trick the opponent into resigning, the TD may choose to DQ the player who offered the cube.

In a doubled match, the winner receives as many points as the number showing on the cube. Should a doubled game end in gammon, twice the value of the cube is awarded. In the case of backgammon, triple the value of the cube is awarded.

Crawford Rule

The Crawford Game is used in backgammon match play the first time a player gets within 1 point of winning the match. On the next game the doubling cube cannot be used. However on subsequent games the cube is again available for use. Named after its inventor John R. Crawford.

By Yahoo! default, and by Eliters rules, the "Crawford Rule" restricts the use of the cube. The Crawford rule states that you may not double in the first game after your opponent reaches match point. Match Point is defined as "within one point of winning the match".

Within the constraints of Crawford, either player may choose to double the stakes of the game at any time before rolling the dice by turning the cube to 2 (clicking the "Double" button) and offering it to the opponent. Opponent may reject, conceding a single point and beginning the next game of the match, or accept, taking control of the cube as the game continues at double stakes (2 pts). A player who controls the cube may redouble at any time by turning the cube to the next higher number (from 2 to 4, from 4 to 8, etc) and offering it to the opponent, who has the same choices as defined above.


Backgammon Safe Harbor League will run tourneys in the following formats; the main format being SE 1x1:

  • SE (Single Elimination - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2211.
  • DE (Double Elimination  - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2221.
  • RR (Round Robin  - 1x1): See Help Topic 2231.
  • SR (Super Robin - 1x1): See Help Topic 2232.


For a complete list and description of BGY Tourney Special Rules variations; please refer to:

Team Play: Tag Team Partners

If you are playing a Team tourney, and do not already have a partner lined up (for Partner Select (PS) formatted tourneys), please be in the tourney room at least 15 minutes prior to the tourney's scheduled start time to arrange a partner. For System Select (SS) formatted tourneys, a partner is selected for you.  Please be in the tourney room at tourney's scheduled start time.  For details please refer to Partners Tournaments (2x2).   

Backgammon Team Tourneys use the following rules:

  • The match will be contested by two teams of 2 players. Matches will be to 5 points on Unrated, Protected Tables. There will be no doubling allowed in the first game of a match, and the Crawford Rule is in effect from that point on.
  • The Maker of the team (or the first name on the team in SS) will be the “Captain”, Player 1.
  • The higher-seeded of the competing teams will be called “Team A”, the other team is “Team B”.
  • Each player will play each of the opposing players at least once, assuming the match goes to 4 or more games.
  • The match will begin with the two captains facing each other. At the conclusion of this game, the winning player will stay seated and the other opposing player will step in to play. From that point on, the pairings for the first 4 games of the match are as follows:
    • If Team A wins the first game of the match: A1 v B1, A1 v B2, A2 v B2, A2 v B1
    • If Team B wins the first game of the match: A1 v B1, A2 v B1, A2 v B2, A1 v B2
  • After the first 4 games as scheduled above, any remaining games will be contested with no restrictions on which players face each other.
  • In the event of a double being mistakenly offered in the first match, the double should be accepted and then the team that doubled must immediately resign for single stakes, giving their opponent a 2-0 lead in the 5 point match.


How to Play Backgammon at Safe Harbor Games

For help on How to Play Backgammon at Safe Harbor Games; please visit:

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