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Gin Rummy (Safe Harbour) Last Update: 3/14/2015


Welcome to Safe Harbour Gin (GINY).  Navigating the site is a little different then what you may be used to.  For the most part the arrows  < and > at the top right of the screen will get you to the different pages and options.  Below are the table settings to be used and specific league rules for playing while here.

Table Settings

Public Table: All Tables to be set to Public
Private Table: Do not use unless directed by the hosting TD
Challenge Table: Do not use
Rated Game: Turn on for Rated Games – Leave unchecked for Unrated
Time/move: Always Leave Off
Time/round: Always Leave Off
No Watchers: Only turn on at the direction of Hosting TD
Escape=Pause: Always Turn On – If a player gets booted please pause the game
Private Chat: Always Leave Off

League Specific

Points Limit 100,150,200
Set these according to the tourney page

  • In Regular; you may knock or gin, it is your choice. Gin-Only; if you knock with deadwood you lose. A variation called "Red & Black" plays as Gin-Only on some hands.
  • In Oklahoma, the value of the up-card sets the maximum deadwood with which you may knock. In other words, if a 5 is up you may knock with 5 or fewer points un-melded. By definition, an Oklahoma Tournament always allows knocking. There is no such thing as "Gin-Only Okie". (A variation called "Red & Black Okie" plays as gin-only on some hands).

    If GameDesire doesn’t give you gin it's not gin in Eliters either, make sure to use the correct Meld by adjusting the black lines before clicking continue.
  • The table match points settings for individual tournaments will vary, depending on the desired length of the tourney and its entry fee. As a rule, higher fees tourneys will have longer games. Typical tourneys range will be 100 points rounds.

    Some tournaments are "progressive"; the rounds points increase as the tourney advances. It is common also to have tourneys in which the finals are played to a higher point total than the other rounds.

Certain tournaments will be played to a set number of hands at an unrated table. The winner will be the player or team with the highest point total after the set number of hands. In case of a tie after all hands have been played, a tiebreaker hand will be played with the TD in attendance

GameDesire Gin does not support team play. Eliters Gin, however, holds tournaments in both individual and team formats. If you are playing a team tourney, and do not already have a partner lined up, please be at the tourney room at least 15 minutes early to arrange a partner.

Gin Team Tourneys use both "Standard Team Tourney" and "Tag Team Tourney" formats, for details please refer to Partners Tournaments (2x2).

Up Card

It is a common courtesy that when a player takes the up card before his/her opponent has got the chance to see the card; the player doing so, when asked, should inform his/her opponent the exact up card suit and number. Example: AH, or 2S, or 6C, or JD.


If the "knocking" player has scored fewer points than the sum of points of the opponent's unset cards after the lay-off, the difference is scored to his or her advantage.

If the opponent, after the lay-off, has the sum of unset cards points equal or smaller than the "knocking" player, a bonus of 20 pts is scored by him or her.

If the "knocking" player has "gone gin", i.e. all the ten cards in complete sets, he or she, scores the sum of the opponent's unset cards points as well as the bonus of 25 points. In this case, the opponent is not allowed to add any unset cards to the sets laid-off.

It is possible to select the game variant named Oklahoma ("Gin Oklahoma") in the settings, which is different in the following rules:

  • The sum of card value at which a player is allowed to "knock" is equal to the value of the first card in the dealing; however if it is an Ace, the player can "knock" only while having a rummy.
  • If the first face-up card is spade (),the scoring is doubled in the dealing.

Booted opponent

Due to the fact that in GameDesire Gin a booted player is timed out by the system auto timers ending the game and declaring a winner; if your opponent is booted you must use the feature Pause Game.

How to Play Gin at Safe Harbour!

For help on How to Play Gin at Safe Harbor Games; please visit: http://www.safeharborgames.net/aboutgames/howtoplayGinRummy.php

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