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Pool (Pogo) Last Update: 6/8/2012


Pogo Pool supports both 8-ball and 9-ball play. Elite league Pool holds tournaments in both formats. 

Pogo Pool has a variety of table settings. All tables should be set as required for type of tourney as follows:

  • Call Shots Must NOT be checked (unless specifically stated in the Tourney specific rules). 
  • Use Shot Timer Must NOT be checked (unless specifically stated in the Tourney specific rules). 
  • Break - Alternate Box needs to be checked.
  • Bonus Pocket should always be checked. 
  • Allow players to replace computer players, should NOT be checked.
  • Limit players joining this game to certain skills rating, should NOT be checked. 
  • Allow players to watch game, MUST be checked. You MAY mute all watchers only if the TD is present in the room. 
  • Make game rated, MUST be checked except for tag team tourneys. 
  • Make table private Checked; with the password being eliters (all in lower case).
  • Use the options the next time I open a new game, checking recommended.

All Tables must be made at the bottom of the Tables List; to keep tables grouped together. This makes it easier on the TDs when checking the tables to see if set right for Tourneys, and monitor the Matches on one screen. 

The majority of Eliters Pool tourneys are single matches, some will best 2 of 3.

If a player pockets the 8-ball on the break, the game must be replayed to give all a fair chance. If problem occurs, please invite the TD to the table to verify and resolve.

However, in 9-ball games; if the 9-ball is potted on the break then the rack is awarded to the player who made the break and is not a re-rack.

Call Your Shots

In some tourneys, "Call Shots" will be checked, and you will be required to call your shot. This means you must choose (in advance) the pocket where you will sink the target ball. If you don't sink a legal ball in the pocket you indicate, it doesn't count as a legal shot, your turn ends, and play passes to the next person.


In matches with timers, the 10 minute boot clock is not used: instead, the booted player’s turn is repeatedly skipped and the opponent will win the match if he legally pockets the 8-ball before the booted player returns. Please call the TD to verify the match result before closing the table.

Team Play

Pogo Pool does not support team play. Eliters Pool, however, holds tournaments in both individual and team formats. If you are playing a team tourney, and do not already have a partner lined up, please be at the tourney room at least 15 minutes early to arrange a partner. For details please refer to Partners Tournaments (2x2)

New Table rule

In order that both contestants have a fair chance at the break. Every match must be begun on a new table, except in 2-out-of-3 tourneys, where the players must stay at the same table and at the same seats for all 3 matches. If opponent invites to the same table, the host TD must be called to the table, and upon verification players should go to a new table. If the player refuses to move to a new table he/she will be Disqualified.

How to Play Pool

For help on How to Play Pool at Pogo (including rules of the game, its history and background), visit:

For Hints & Tips on How to Play Pool, visit Help Topic 4961

For general help on all Pogo Games, visit:

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