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No Limit Texas Holdem (Pogo) Last Update: 6/8/2012



Welcome to Eliters No Limit Texas Holdem Pogo league (HOLDEMP).  No Limit Texas Holdem Pogo tourneys are played in matches of 2 or 4 players.


Customize Your No-Limit Poker Game

  • Use Forfeit Timer – Checked
  • Set timer to 10 seconds

Customize Your Table

  • Allow players to replace computer players after game starts - Checked
  • Limit players joining this game to certain skill ratings - Unchecked
  • Allow players to watch game - Checked
  • Mute all watchers – Unchecked
  • Make game rated – Unchecked
  • Make table private – Checked using password eliters (always in lower case)
  • Use these options the next time I open a new game – Personal Preference

All Tables must be made at the bottom of the Tables List; to keep tables grouped together. This makes it easier on the TDs when checking the tables to see if set right for Tourneys, and monitor the Matches on one screen. 
Players cannot re-stake in a No Limit game; when you are out of tokens you are out of the tourney.
Players should click to bet/raise/call/check/fold without delay. (NOTE: Pogo times out a player if you do not bet in 10 seconds. When this happens, your hand is automatically folded. You are not eliminated from the tourney, only from the current hand. Chips lost from time-out are not replaced by players/Eliters/TD. For this reason, it is not recommended to be playing in another game at same time as Holdem.)

There is no report button for 1x3 tourneys.  ALL players (Winner, Runner-up and Non-Winners) must report losses to tourney page EM so that the TD can report the proper match results.

The TD can be called to the table to verify the results if there is a question or problem.



No Limit Texas Holdem Pogo League will run tourneys in the following formats; the main format being S4 1x3:

  • SE (Single Elimination - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2211.
  • DE (Double Elimination  - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2221.
  • RR (Round Robin  - 1x3): See Help Topic 2231.
    The winner of the match will remain seated, and each of the other players will take a different seat than the one they had been occupying for the previous match. Match ends when one player wins two games.
  • S4 (Single Elimination 4P - 1x3):  See Help Topic 2212.
  • Q4 (Quick for 4 - 1x3): See Help Topic 2213.



All tourneys in No Limit Holdem Pogo are played on Unrated Tables.

  • Regular
  • Regular: 2 Players (1x1)
  • Regular: 8 hands
  • Regular: 15-minute rounds
  • Regular: 20-minute rounds
  • Regular: 30-minute rounds
    In 1x3 2 Rounds Tourneys; Players in first Round continue play until 2 players have chips left, and they advance depending on who has more chips at that exact moment (1 Winner; with the highest chips, and 1 Runner-up).
  • Full Rounds: S4 only - Play full rounds to game conclusion; If Q4 - Regular
    As in Regular Tourneys; 2 players still advance, but the round is played all the way out to determine who advances as Winner and Runner-up for a match, instead of just taking the chip counts early in the match.
  • Teams: Partners sit facing each other. Last player with chips advances their team



Substitutes: In the case that a sub is needed, the first sub listed on the "Sub Registration List" will be placed in the tourney (no-show player, timed out player, etc). In the case that a sub is not available, a computer player (Bot) will be used.  A sub must be found and ready to be seated either upon a player timing out, or within 5 minutes of start time if subbing for a donator.  Being a 1x3 formatted league, subs will not officially be placed on the tourney page, until they win their first match.

Computer Players (Bots): If a computer player is used in a tourney, their seat does not count in terms of determining chips counts. If tourney is S4 Regular, the round ends as soon as 1 player is eliminated, the other 2 real players would advance, the higher chips is the Winner, and the next is the Runner-up.

2 Players Eliminated at the Same Time: In the case that 2 players are eliminated in the very same hand (in an S4), leaving only 1 person to advance, the player with the higher seed will advance as Runner-up. If the tourney format is 1x1, the match will be replayed.

Player goes idle at the table: If a player goes idle at the table and stops playing (allowing their hand to time out for 2 consecutive turns) the TD should be notified immediately. The player will then be put on timer. If player does not return and start playing before the 5 minutes timer expires, player will be disqualified and play will be continued by a bot.
Player Freezing/Booted/Internet disconnection: Due to the nature of the 10 second timers at HoldemP tables, a Computer Generated Player (Bot) will automatically sit when a player is disconnected from a table.  The following situations will be observed:

  • The remaining player(s) should stop playing, call the TD to the table and request timer. The TD will respond to the table for verification purposes and initiate a regular 5 minutes timer on the EM page from the TD notification.
  • In the case of the booted player not returning to table before the allotted timer has expired; and the Bot still has chips; it is not fair to the other remaining players to lose to a bot; therefore the booted player will be disqualified, and a loss will be reported for the timed out player. The booted player continuing to play after being disqualified must not change the outcome of the game.
  • In the case of chips running out by the seated Bot while player is on timer, there is no choice but to record a loss for the booted player, as chip counts cannot be reset.
  • In the case of chips running out by one of the remaining players while the booted player is on timer; whether they are eliminated by another player or a bot; within the above conditions, there is no choice but to record a loss for that particular player(s) that loses their chips, as chip counts cannot be reset.

Player hand freezes and forced to fold: There is nothing that can be done in this case and the game should continue as usual.

If a player goes all in, loses the hand, leaves the table, but actually has chips left: Most times, the player loses these chips in the following hand; however, it's not fair to let the bot play, win back chips, then have the player come back and play. This is not in the same category as someone who gets booted/freezes. If a player acknowledge loss by reporting on tourney EM and then leaves the table; they forfeit their place at the table and a loss will be recorded.

If 2 subs are needed for the same table:

  • S4 Format - No subs will be used; the 2 players that are present will play head to head "2-player format" to determine advancing order. Neither rating nor seed are relevant in this situation.

    Q4 Format - In the event that either a donate and a timed-out player or two timed out players are in need of subs; No subs will be used; the 2 players that are present will play a "2-player format" to determine winner. However, in the event that 2 players donate for a Q4 tourney, this tourney will be canceled per Help Topic 2107.



For help on How to Play No Limit Holdem at Pogo (including rules of the game, its history and background), visit:

For general help on all Pogo Games, visit:

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