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Dice -Yatzy (GameDesire) Last Update: 4/13/2012


Welcome to Dice (Yatzy) GameDesire League (DICED). Dice GameDesire is a 1x1, 1x3, and 2x2 formatted league. All players will be expected to report their own match losses, unless otherwise stated, on the tourney page.


Rated Game: Checked; unless Tourney Specific Rules specify Unrated Tables.
Rating Limit: Unchecked.
Time/move: Checked when the tourney page specifies 30 seconds Rated Games.
Time inc.: Unchecked.
Time/game: Unchecked.
No Watchers: Unchecked.


Note: In GameDesire, please use public tables and allow watchers unless specified by the TD.
Also, if a table is set incorrectly, the table's administrator (creator) can click on the white arrows, and stop at game management, change it correctly, then click (update server).
Tables will have an invite button. The creator may use the arrows and go to the players in the room list, click the id, then invite.
Players shall keep their invites on at all times when participating in an Eliters Tourney.
Note: At the players own risk, 3 tables may be downloaded to play on. Must keep pace on all. Lags and or dragging can result in a slow play, or delay of game warning from the TD. And a disqualification is in affect if needed.
Private tables created can result in a disqualification after 3 attempts and a 3 minutes time span after the TD asks to reset to allow watchers. Some games will be played on unrated (Parlor) tables. Most yatzy games are only 5 minutes.


Round Points:

A number will be used to express the number of Games to win; The letter w will be used to specify the Number of Games to Win to advance.

  • 1 = 1 Game
  • 2w = 2 out of 3 Games, or the first to win 2 Games advances
  • 3w = 3 out of 5 Games, or the first to win 3 Games advances


Scores are determined by how many rolls are taken; Maximum of 3 rolls per turn.
First Roll = total score , Second Roll = -5 , Last Roll = -10 pts 

  • Ones = total of ones in hand
  • Twos = total of twos in hand
  • Threes = total of threes in hand
  • Fours = total of fours in hand
  • Fives= total of fives in hand
  • Sixes = total of sixes in hand
  • Top Bonus Box 1s - 6s = Players must have a total of 60 plus pts. rolled in order to gain the 20 points bonus.
  • Two Pairs = four dices two of kind:  30 pts first roll, 25 second roll, and 20 on the last roll.
  • Three Of kind = three dices of the same number: 35 pts first roll, 30 second roll, and 25 on the last roll.
  • Four of a kind = four dices of the same number: 45 pts first roll, 40 second roll, and 35 on the last roll.
  • Straight = dice of sequential spot value, i.e. 6,5,4,3,2 (so-called big straight) or 5,4,3,2,1 (so-called small straight): No difference between the scoring of small and big straight. 40 pts first roll, 35 second roll, and 30 on the last roll.
  • Full house = three dices of the same value and two other dices of the same value, e.g. 6,6,6, 4,4: 40 pts first roll, 35 second roll, and 30 on the last roll.
  • Five Of kind = five dices of the same number, e.g. 6,6,6,6,6 or 1,1,1,1,1: 60 pts first roll, 55 second roll, and 50 on the last roll.
  • Chance = the total of spots on all the dices rolled.
  • Bottom Bonus Box = Players must fill in 2 of a kind - chance to obtain bonus. No zeros will help.


Dice GameDesire League will run tourneys in the following formats; the main format being SE 1x1:

  • S4 (Single Elimination for 4 - 1x3): See Help Topic 2212.
  • SE (Single Elimination - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2211.
  • Q4 (Quick for 4 - 1x3, 2x2): See Help Topic 2213.
  • DE (Double Elimination  - 1x1): See Help Topic 2221.
  • RR (Round Robin  - 1x1): See Help Topic 2231.
  • SR (Super Robin - 1x1): See Help Topic 2232.


TDs should monitor unrated (Parlor) tables in case of a faulty play, or to see the results of the specified tourney format to assure the win is awarded correctly in case of  a dispute.
In a match that ends up in a (Draw), both opponents should inform the TD in the lobby. The opponents must replay the (Single Game) once more.
Note: Draws can occur in any unrated or rated game.


The opponent should respect the timer rules of Eliters. Therefore for example: If a player is booted, frozen, or has been disonnected, there will be a red table timer pop up by their ID, (GameDesire Automative Security Clock) then the player that is still seated shall first state the Eliters Timer on the player in question using the Eliters Messenger, and notify the TD. This will eliminate how long that the returning player was away.

Note: Be aware that if any player stands up in any game, or is totally disconnected from GameDesire, the game ends quickly. (No replays allowed) in order to keep the tourney flowing smoothly.
Winner's proof in Case of a Dispute:

If a rated gamed is contested in a dispute, players and TDs alike shall double click the players ID from the lobby, click info, it will take you to www.GameDesire.com players profile. Click results, game archives, then use the selective game drop down box to click Yatzy 2004 under Board Games. The site will have proof and verify who won the match.   

For a complete list and description of DICED Tourney Special Rules variations; please refer to:


For help on How to Play Dice (Yatzy 2004) at GameDesire, visit:
and click on ?

For general help on all GameDesire Games, visit:

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