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Puzzles Last Update: 6/29/2010


Puzzles are problems or tasks to be solved for fun. There are many forms and shapes for Puzzles; we will start a series of these Puzzles with Logic Puzzles.

Logic Puzzles are "Fun" Games available to Premium Members on the Main Page, and any League’s Main Page under Fun Games. You may solve one or more of these Puzzles while waiting for Tourneys to start.

In each Logic Puzzle you are provided with:

  • A scenario involving many Categories.
  • Each Category would include an equal number of Options.
  • Clues that would help you match the Options.
  • A Matrix Grid to help you analyze logically and document the Options relationships.
  • A Solution Table; each puzzle has only one unique solution.

Your objective is to determine which options are linked together based on the Clues provided; remembering that Each Option is matched once with one of the other Options under other Categories.

Visit the Logic Puzzles available at http://fun.eliters.com/Games/LogicPuzzle; there are 2 Formats to play the Logic Puzzles:


  • Logic Puzzles Tourneys will be created regularly; to start at a certain Date and Time.

  • The Tourney will be published to show: The Puzzle Name, Start Time, Points Charged, Puzzle Size, and Status.

  • You can Register in any Tourney as soon as it is published; just click on the 'Register' Link.

  • If you register long before the Tourney Start Time; please make sure to visit the Logic Puzzles List and click on the 'Play' Link.

  • The Tourney Page will automatically appear specifying the Start Time for the Tourney and the Time Left to start.

  • On Start Time, the Tourney Page will convert to the Puzzle Page, you should immediately start solving the Puzzle. Please read the next section 'How to Solve the Puzzle'.

  • The Tourney will be finished in 2 hours from Start Time; if you are the first to solve the Puzzle you will get a Prize equivalent to 80% of the Total Pot.

Open Puzzles

  • All Puzzles Tourneys will be converted to Open Puzzles as soon as they are finished.

  • You can Play in any Open Puzzle as soon as it is published; just click on the 'Play' Link.

  • You will get to the Puzzle Page that includes the Standard time estimated to solve the Puzzle, as well as the Actual Elapsed time. You should immediately start solving the Puzzle. Please read the next section 'How to Solve the Puzzle'.

  • If you beat the Standard Time you will get a full refund of the Points.

How to Solve the Puzzle

  • The Puzzle page shall include the Scenario, the Categories and the Options within Each Category. You will also find the Clues that will help you solve the Puzzle.

  • You will also get a Matrix Grid showing all the Categories and the Options, with a Cross Box denoting the relationship of all Options, using the following symbols:

  Default setting for all boxes.

  False Relationship; this symbol will appear as soon as you select the Box for the first time.

  True Relationship; this symbol will appear as soon as you select and click the Box for the second time, and will turn automatically all other options on the same Column and Raw to the False symbol.

  • After reflecting all the Clues on the Matrix Grid; you then be able to use simple logic to solve the Puzzle.

  • Once you find the True Relationship of all Options in all Categories; this will reflect on the Solution Table at the bottom of the Puzzle Page. You may check again all the Clues versus the Solution.

  • If you are sure you solved the Puzzle correctly; Click on the Solve Puzzle Button. You will then receive either a Failure or Success Message.

  • If you are not sure you solved the Puzzle correctly; click on the Reset Puzzle Button, and all Boxes on the Matrix Grid will return to the Default Settings.

  • Click on the ‘Back to List’ to go back to the Puzzles List.

Use your good Logic and Enjoy it.

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