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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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Members Profiles Last Update: 3/28/2008


Each Premium Member may have a detailed Profile; any Member can reach another Member's Profile through the Profiles List or by clicking on the Member ID on Club Messages or Tourney Pages.

Profiles List

Premium Members Profiles are listed at Main Tab >> Members >> Profiles. The List includes the following headings, if provided by the Member:

  • Member
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Country

You can jump to next page or any other page with one click. You can also Filter the List of Profiles for a certain League or Group.

You can see the detailed individual Member Profile by clicking the Member ID, or by using the "View Profile" link at the top of the List.

Detailed Member Profile

Each Member Profile will include the following Tabs:

Profile; information will be shown if allowed by the Member:

  • My Photo
  • My Contacts: Email, Yahoo! Messenger, facebook, twitter, Google +, and LinkedIN
  • My Groups: All Groups that the Member has joined
  • Basics: Elite ID, Elite Position, if Eliters Staff, Real Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Location, Occupation
  • Favorite Quote
  • Latest News
  • Links


  • Championships: The Number of times as ELIC, Olympics, Divisions, TOC, Marathon, Decathlon, BOS
  • Player Stats: For each League; the current Rating, Matches played and win%, Streak, Tourneys played and victories, Days Idle
  • Staff Stats: For each League; Date Joined, Present Position, Tourneys Hosted, Last Active Date, Total Players in Tourneys, and Maximum Players in a Tourney

Badges; awarded to the Member based on a their achievements as Player or Staff, classified under 3 main Categories:

  • Players Badges: Includes all Badges awarded to a Player for Eliters Wide or League Specific achievement.
  • Staff Badges: Includes all Badges awarded to a Staff for Eliters Wide or League Specific achievement.
  • Games Badges: Includes all Badges awarded to a Player for a Specific Game Competition or Challenge.

Biography; only available to Gold Plus Members; it could include:

  • Personal Information: Age, Gender, Place of Birth or national origin
  • Family Background: the names of parents, spouse, children, and grand children with ages and gender
  • Education: the level of education and areas of expertise, including professional certifications
  • Career: career history to include positions and areas of expertise
  • Present Occupation: current position and profession
  • Creative Work: list books published, contributions to professional journals, exhibits, web designs and any other creative work
  • Accomplishments: Civic Activities, Military Service, Awards, Memberships, and any achievements
  • Interests and Hobbies: Political affiliation, and other interests and hobbies.

Edit Profile

Members may Edit their Profile, including:

  • The Color Scheme for their Profile appearance.
  • The Basic Information, confirming which items may be shown on the Profile
  • Favorite Quote
  • Latest News
  • Links
  • My Photo; to Add your Photo
  • My Contacts

Members will be able to select or change the Default Badge in any of the above Categories, using the Edit My Profile Link on the Profile Page. The Default Badges will appear on the related pages against his/her ID as follows:

  • Players Badges:
    • Eliters Badges will show on all Pages not specifically related to a certain League, such as the General, TDs, SFTDs, Admin Clubs.

      Players who have an Eliters Wide Badge, and either don't have a League Badge or did not select a League Badges as Default will be seeing their Eliters Wide Players Badges on the Tourney Page, as well as on the registration Page.

    • League Badges will show on the Specific League Pages, such as the Tourney Registration, Tourney, Players Stats, and League Clubs.
  • Staff Badges:
    • Eliters Badges will show on all Pages not specifically related to a certain League, such as the General, TDs, SFTDs, Admin Clubs.
    • League Badges will show on the Specific League Pages, such as the Tourney, and League Clubs.

In addition to Editing and hiding any information on your profile; you will be able to delete completely your profile, use the Delete function on the top of your Edit Profile page.

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