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3/8/2021 - 17:51  EST

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Euchre (Pogo) Last Update: 6/8/2012


Euchre has two basic table settings: Regular (default setting) and Stick the Dealer (STD). All Euchre tourneys are team tourneys. If you do not already have a partner lined up, please be at the tourney room at least 15 minutes early to arrange a partner.

  • In Regular Euchre, a hand may be passed all the way around twice and the deal will shift to the next player in the sequence.
  • In STD Euchre, if the hand is passed back to the dealer a second time, s/he must order up.

All tables should be set as required for each type of tourney as follows:

  • Defenders can play alone. Should NOT be checked.
  • Dealer's partner may only order up alone. Should NOT be checked.
  • Dealer must order trump if it is passed back to the dealer a second time (Stick The Dealer). Should be checked or unchecked per tourney specific rules.
  • Player to the left of the dealer always plays first. Should be checked.
  • Team score should be set to tourney specific rules. ( 10 or 11)
  • Allow players to replace computer players after the game starts should be checked. Elite does not use computer players.
  • Limit players joining this game to certain skill ratings. Should NOT be checked.
  • Allow players to watch game, MUST be checked. You MAY mute all watchers only if the TD is present in the room.
  • End round early if scoring outcome has been determined ( TRAM). Should be Checked.
  • Match game rated, MUST be checked unless specified differently by the Tourney Specific Rules.
  • Make table private Checked; with the password being eliters (all in lower case).
  • Enter Password for this game 'Eliters'.
  • Allow watchers to see hands should be UNCHECKED.
  • Use the options the next time I open a new game, checking recommended.

All Tables must be made at the bottom of the Tables List; to keep tables grouped together. This makes it easier on the TDs when checking the tables to see if set right for Tourneys, and monitor the Matches on one screen. 

In Euchre, the hand is ended as soon as the Defenders take 3 tricks. A hand is also ended if the Makers take 3 tricks and the Defenders take 1 trick. Under either of these two conditions, scoring is determined, so there's no need to play the remainder of the hand.

No Loners: An option that is not part of the Pogo table settings. In these tourneys, it is not permitted to 'go alone', even though Pogo enables it. If either player in a partnership should go alone, that team forfeits the match.

In Eliters Euchre we also sometimes play:

  • Regular: No STD, Loners OK
  • Regular: No STD, No Loners
  • Regular: STD, Loners OK 
  • Regular: STD, No Loners
  • Double Elimination: No STD, Loners allowed only in upper bracket
  • Double Elimination: STD, Loners allowed only in upper bracket
  • Hotseat: Player to left of the dealer must order up kitty card without passing - Unrated Tables
    Player to the immediate left of the dealer must order up the kitty card without passing. Failure of this player to order up will result in DQ for the team.
  • Color up: STD, Loners OK. Kitty card color must be ordered - Unrated Tables 
  • Color up: STD, No Loners. Kitty card color must be ordered - Unrated Tables
    Players may only order kitty card Color. Failure to have matching color will result in DQ for the team.
  • Double Trouble: No Loners
  • Double Trouble: Hotseat
    The first five points of the match are played as a reverse tourney with same rules as a reverse tourney. You must have one trump to order up (if the dealer orders up in the first round of bidding, the card he picks up may be counted as his trump, but he may not void himself in trump by discarding the picked up card). Once one team reaches five points, the teams will swap chairs (change team colors, then each player hits SKIP HAND) and play the remainder of the tournament in one of the other formats as listed on the tourney rules. The following formats are played in Double Trouble: No Loners & Hotseat.
  • Dealers Choice: STD, Loners OK. Only dealer can order up and call trump. Other players will be DQ'd - Unrated Tables
    Only the dealer can order up.  Dealer may pass on the first time around but must call trump the second time around.  Any other player calling Trump except the dealer and the team will be disqualified.
  • Red/Black: No STD, Loners OK
  • Red/Black: No STD, No Loners
  • Red/Black: STD, Loners OK 
  • Red/Black: STD, No Loners
    Higher Seed chooses color to call Red (hearts or diamonds), Black (Spades or Clubs). TD may allow 1 mistake only for first time players team at the discretion of the TD.
  • Dump Trump: STD. First card up in match is SUIT that can not be called during ENTIRE match - Unrated Tables
  • Dump Trump: No STD. First card up in match is SUIT that can not be called during ENTIRE match - Unrated Tables
    Players must refer to rules on Tourney page for option used.  Unrated Tables. First card up in a match is the SUIT that can not be called the ENTIRE match.  Suit card does not change until you change rounds. Any player calling wrong suit will cause team to be disqualified.
  • Loners Only: STD. Players can only call/pick-up alone - Unrated Tables
    Any player calling trump in any form, whether by ordering up to the dealer, picking up as the dealer, or declaring trump on the second round, must go alone. This includes dealers who are STD. Failure to go alone will result in a DQ for the team.
  • Second Time Around: STD. All players must pass upcard . All players (except dealer) must pass on second round - Unrated Tables
    All players must pass the upcard. All players (with the exception of the dealer) must pass on the second round. Only the dealer may declare trump and must do so only on the second time around.
  • Ditch Your Partner: STD. If dealer's partner calls trump, that trump must be called alone - Unrated Tables
  • Ditch Your Partner: No STD. If dealer's partner calls trump, that trump must be called alone - Unrated Table
    Players must refer to rules on Tourney page for option used.   Unrated Table. Any dealer's partner who orders the upcard up to their partner (the dealer) must go alone.  Failure to go alone when ordering trump to your partner (the dealer) will result in a DQ for the team.
  • Table Talk: No STD, Loners OK. Stategy discussions at table allowed
  • REVERSE: STD, No Loners. Must have 1 natural trump to order up; first to 10 loses - Unrated Tables
    The first team to 10 points loses. You must have one natural trump in your hand to order. The left bower is not natural trump, and doesn't count as trump when ordering. (If the dealer orders up to himself/herself in the first round of bidding, the card he/she picks up may be counted as trump, but the dealer may not void himself completely of trump by discarding the picked-up card.) Play on Unrated tables. Call the TD to the table to verify results before closing, please.


How to Play Euchre at Pogo

For help on How to Play Euchre at Pogo (including rules of the game, its history and background), visit:


For general help on all Pogo Games, visit:


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