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Gin (Jungle Gin Pogo) Last Update: 6/8/2012


This is an Exclusive Club Pogo Game (Available only to Club Pogo and AOL Members).


Pogo Jungle Gin supports Regular (default) and Oklahoma play, and have a Gin Only option; if you knock with deadwood you lose.

A variation called “Red & Black”; The upturned (top) card from the deck determines Regular, or Gin Only Hands. Red= Gin Only, Black= Knock or Gin.

Another variation called “No Face Cards”; You may gin or knock, but may not have any face cards in hand. If you do you will be disqualified.

Pogo Gin has a variety of table settings. All tables should be set as required for type of tourney as follows:

  • Oklahoma, Check only in case of Tourney rule is Oklahoma
  • Don't allow knocking, Check only in case of Tourney rule is Gin Only
  • Multi-game match, Check only in case of 300, 500, 700 Match Points as specified in the Round Points
  • Score that ends the match, Specify as per Round Points, in case of Tourney rule is Multiple Games
  • Use forfeit timer, keep UnChecked
  • Time allowed per turn, keep UnChecked
  • Allow players to replace computer players after game starts, Check
  • Limit players joining this game to certain skill ratings, keep UnChecked
  • Allow players to watch game, Check. other boxes UnChecked
  • Make game rated, Check
  • Make table private Checked; with the password being eliters (all in lower case).

All Tables must be made at the bottom of the Tables List; to keep tables grouped together. This makes it easier on the TDs when checking the tables to see if set right for Tourneys, and monitor the Matches on one screen. 



The majority of Eliters Gin tourneys are single games set to 100 points, the first player who reaches 100 points wins the game:

  • For the very first hand, the dealer is determined randomly. After that, the winner of the previous hand is chosen to be the dealer.
  • If a player wins by under-knocking, they receive a 10 points bonus. And if a player wins by going gin, they receive a 20 points bonus.

Some Tourneys might be set to a multi-game match up to a certain number of points; the match score is calculated as follows.

  • A player's match score is equal to the number of points they won in the previous game, plus a Box Bonus equal to 20 points for each hand they won. In addition, the player who won the game receives a Game Bonus of 100 points, unless they shut out their opponent, in which case they receive a Game Bonus of 200 points.

  • Each player's match score is then added to any match scores they might have received in a previous game. If a player beats the match limit for that table (either 300, 500, or 700), they win the match!

  • If both players manage to beat the match score at the end of a game, then the player who has the highest total wins the match.

Pogo Jungle Gin does not support team play. Eliters Ginp, however, holds tournaments in both individual and team formats. If you are playing a team tourney, and do not already have a partner lined up, please be at the tourney room at least 15 minutes early to arrange a partner.

Ginp Team Tourneys use the "Tag Team Tourney" format, For details please refer to Partners Tournaments (2x2)

The following formats are approved for Eliters Jungle Gin Pogo tourneys:

  • Gin Only: Players with deadwood may not knock
  • Gin Only - Best 2 of 3
  • Gin Only - Aces High or Low: Aces can be used High or Low (table option). Deadwood worth 15pts
  • Oklahoma: Knock or Gin
  • Oklahoma - Red & Black: Red - Gin Only; Black - Knock or Gin
  • Oklahoma - Best 2 of 3: Knock or Gin
  • Oklahoma - No Face Cards: Knock or Gin; Players may not Knock or Gin if they possess a face card
  • Oklahoma - Aces High or Low: Aces can be used High or Low (table option). Deadwood worth 15pts
  • Regular: Knock or Gin
  • Regular - Red & Black: Red - Gin Only; Black - Knock or Gin
  • Regular - Best 2 of 3: Knock or Gin
  • Regular - Best 2 of 3 - Red & Black: Red - Gin Only ; Black - Knock or Gin
  • Regular - No Face Cards: Gin or Knock; Players may not Gin or Knock if they possess a face card
  • Regular - Aces High or Low: Aces can be used High or Low (table option). Deadwood aces worth 15pts
  • Tag Team - Regular: Players alternate seats in a single match
  • Tag Team - Gin Only: Players alternate seats in a single match
  • Tag Team - Red & Black: Players alternate seats in a single match
  • Tag Team - Oklahoma: Players alternate seats in a single match


How to Play Gin

For help on How to Play Gin at Pogo (including rules of the game, its history and background), visit:

For general help on all Pogo Games, visit:

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