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10/22/2020 - 16:45  EST

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Suggest a Game Badge Last Update: 5/6/2015


Games Badges are Game-specific Badges offered individually by Leagues.  The badges are in addition to monthly Eliters-Wide Badges.

Game Badges will be made available to all Leagues offering Tourneys for the specific Game; a Gin Badge will be available to GINY, GINP, and GIND Leagues.

These badges are week-long events, to run in weeks not offering Eliters-wide League and Hot Tourney badges, and will offer varying criteria for eligibility.  

Badges can be suggested by any Player or TD within the league and must first be approved by the League Admin (HA or AA) before proceeding to the next steps in development.  After confirming, the Admin will forward the request for final approval to the VP Finance.   We are not currently accepting requests directly from Members.  All requests must come through the League Admin for consideration.

When submitting a Game Badge, the requestor must provide ALL of the following details in a Ticket using the Category Leagues >> Badge Design:

Game Name:

Badge Title:

  • 24 Characters Maximum, including spaces.
  • Must be Game Related, and not generic or common Title. 
  • Must not be confusing with other Badges Titles.

Badge Description:

  • 150 Characters Maximum, including spaces.
  • State briefly the conditions to earn the Badge, using proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Should be one of the approved Award Criteria .

Badge Design 100x100 (to show within club posts and badge album):

You can start by using Microsoft Clip Art to make the design.

We have a professional team of Art Designers, using licensed and very expensive Photoshop and Clip Art Software; they will review and improve your design. Also the team will help create the whole design from scratch; if you provide them with a clear idea of how it should look, and provide all other Badge details (Title, Description, Award Criteria) as detailed in this Help Topic.

  • gif or jpg Format.
  • Highest Quality 100x100 pixels Dimension Artwork.
  • Clear and bright colors.
  • Related to the Game and Badge Description, and not to a specific League.
  • No Frames, and preferably no Text.
  • Free from all copyright protection and water marks.
  • Does not include any reference to other sites or links.
  • Is not similar to or confusing with another Badge Design.
  • Maximum size 20 KB.

Badge Design 20x20 (to show on club posts and tourney pages):

  • gif or jpg Format.
  • Highest Quality 20x20 pixels Dimension Artwork.
  • Clear and bright colors.
  • Related to the Game and Badge Description.
  • Extracted from the 100x100 Dimension Design.  
  • Free from all copyright protection and water marks.
  • Does not include any reference to other sites or links.
  • Is not similar to or confusing with another Badge Design.
  • Maximum size 2 KB.

Badge Origination:

  • What is the source of the badge design?  Please include Eliters ID of designer, the website or program used to create design, and the page address (URL) containing the original source.

Badge Award Criteria:

  • Should always be automatically measurable stats.
  • Select one of the following:
    • Win N Tourneys in a row (N= 3 or 4).
    • Win N Tourneys (N= 5 to 15).
    • Play N Tourneys; win at least 1 Match in each Tourney (N= 10 to 30).
    • Win N Matches (N= 10 to 30).
    • Top N Players who played Highest number of Tourneys; over 5 (N= 10 to 25).
    • Top N Players who Won Highest number of Tourneys; over 5 (N= 10 to 25). 
    • Top N Players who Won Highest number of Matches; over 5 (N= 10 to 25). 
  • Admins may suggest additional award criteria by submitting a Ticket using the Category Suggestions >> Badge; for consideration. The Additional Criteria will take the form of a Tourney Specific Rule, where all Tourneys using this Specific Rule will be count towards the Badge. Examples:
    • Win N Tourneys - BG Full House  Master - Block all 6 spots in Home & Win
    • Win N Tourneys - BG No Hit Master - NO Hit: First to hit loses
    • Win N Tourneys - DOMINOES Reverse Mater - 5’s up, With Spinner: First to set points loses
    • Win N Tourneys - GIN Gin Only Master - If you knock with deadwood you lose
    • Win N Tourneys - CANASTA Full Game Master - Regular to 5000: Draw 2 Card, Minimum 2 Canastas
    • Win N Tourneys - EUCHRE Night Owl - Tourneys 00:00 - 06:00 - Regular Euchre: NO STD, Loners OK

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