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11/24/2017 - 07:59  EST

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Tourney Link:  http://7182878.eliters.com
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outlawneon76  Staff Online  Admin Tourney   Tourney: 7182878   Finished   Monthly Invite
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Players: 6
Pairings - Invitation List
Tourney Info
Date:  11/23/2017
Time:  21:00
Type:  SE-Day-MIT
Teams:  1x1, 2P, SS, Random
Room:  Safe Harbor
Structure:  60,60,75
Regular: Jack of Diamonds Off
Fees & Prizes
Entry Fees:  100  
Bonus:  2000  
Special Bonus:   
Prizes Winner:  1270  
Runner-up:  720  
Semifinalist:  230  
Semifinalist:  230  
 Tourney Standings  
Ser Player [PlayID] Rating Seed Win Loss Standing
1   bombiex420   Vote1688 411Semifinalist1
2   diablo_1959_2000 [diablo_1959_200]   Vote3442 211Runnerup
3   lollipop1960ca [lollipop1960]   Vote1354 120Winner
4   lowmankiller   Vote6893 601Eliminated
5   outlawneon76   Vote2587 311Semifinalist2
6  younghunter05   Vote1436 501Eliminated
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