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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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10/23/2017 - 04:09  EST

  Full Boat Badge Game Help 
Full Boat
Win 15 Holdem Matches during the Full Boat Badge week.

Standings (posted 1 hour later)
N League Player Standing
1 holdemp bdddy3183 57
2 holdemp crazyguyme 18
3 holdemp balouza 12
4 holdemp rigelo2 12
5 holdemp pennhillssoccer1 9
6 holdemp lazyzee 8
7 holdemp outlawneon76 7
8 holdemp rodneycopar 4
9 holdemp yeslinandryan 4
10 holdemp refereedrake 4
11 holdemp angiendave84 3
12 holdemp annettelew05 2
13 holdemp justarush_td 2
14 holdemp pompey68uk 2
15 holdemp homekat67 1
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Eliters Badges - Full Boat Win 15 Holdem Matches during the Full Boat Badge week.