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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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3/8/2021 - 01:00  EST

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ID Group Name Description Group Administrator Category TDs Players Tourneys
AUAustralasianA place for Australians and friends to meet and have fun.  ClubVacantCountries54112
DEGermanyA place for German people and friends to meet and have fun.  ClubmrspebotyCountries180
ITItalyA place for Italians and friends to meet and have fun.  ClubxluciferisherexCountries32842
LBLebanonA place for Lebanese and friends to meet and have fun.  ClubLebWebCountries190
UKUnited KingdomA place for British people and friends to meet and have fun.  ClubVacantCountries35324
BCIBook ClubA club to discuss Book Reviews, recommend Books to read, and select the Book of the Month.  ClubVacantInterests1370
CIICinemaA place for Eliters loving Cinema to meet and have fun.  ClubbalouzaInterests1120
PCIComputersA place for computer related activities.  ClubMoodyrBlueInterests3970
CKICookingA place for people who like Cooking.  Clubladydarkone99Interests1960
CCICrafts CornerA club to share decorating ideas; do it yourself , holiday crafts, and kids projects/crafts  ClubVacantInterests1170
FFIFantasy FootballGive Eliters that love to play in a Yahoo! sponsored Football Fantasy League a place to meet.  Clubbo_mcbrideInterests1430
FNIFunA place for all Eliters to meet, exchange general fun stories, information and ideas.  ClubVacantInterests1530
HTIHealthA place for Members to exchange information on Health problems and concerns.  ClubSpadyLady08Interests1100
JKIJokesA place for Members to post and exchange Jokes and laugh.  ClubmajornuisanceInterests2470
MUIMusicA place for Eliters loving Music and Lyrics to meet and have fun.  ClubbalouzaInterests1150
NCINascarA place for people who like Nascar racing.  Clubdarkprincss24Interests3644
PTIPoetryA place for people who like Poetry.  ClubVacantInterests1360
PLIPoliticsA place for all Members to express their own personal political opinion.  ClubVacantInterests1400
RLIReligionA place for all Members to express their own personal religious opinion.  ClubVacantInterests180
SPISports FansA place for Sports Fans to discuss Sports Results, News, and have fun.  ClubxpeachieexInterests1670
STIStudentsA support base for Eliters Students, and to discuss study tips  Clubmmatt2004Interests7455
TRITravelA place for Members enjoying Travel to meet and have fun.  ClubbalouzaInterests170
ESLSpanishA place for Spanish speaking people and friends to meet and have fun.  Clubchicana323SCLALanguages32354
CPOClub PogoA place for Club Pogo Members to meet and have fun.  ClubVacantOther41070

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