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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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Eliters.com prides itself on having the best Site, Tournaments System, Tournament Directors, and above all the happiest Family of Players in the online gamin community. Our staff works very hard to make our Members' online gaming experience as enjoyable as possible.

We frequently receive kudos from our Members, so we would like to take a moment and let you know what some of our Members are saying about us.

Eliters is the most friendly and competitive league on the net.
Tammy (cuteyetagain) 8/27/2009

I LOVE ELITERS - you would too.
Rob (real6bonz) 8/1/2009

Eliters make you feel special no matter who you are, itís much more than a game, itís a family!
Victoria (h3yitstori) 5/21/2009

Eliters is a place where you can have great fun playing people all over the world, and not have to deal with the obnoxious game of 101.
Laura (muddddd1) 4/30/2009

The biggest group of crazy and deranged, fun loving people you will ever meet!
Pamela (Wiggles0317) 3/4/2009

Eliters is just one big happy family so sign up come in and enjoy the camaraderie.
Dave (smart_azz71) 3/3/2009

Eliters is a fun, caring site to play at. The TDs are great and the players are awesome. My second family.
Joe (tdtazz65) 2/23/2009

I am very proud to be an Eliter. Thank you for having me.
Yvonne (Evie1664) 1/14/2009

... Eliters is all about family tho...and this site/organization is the biggest and best family ever!
Byron (yeahicrackmeuptoo) 12/31/2008

Eliters has the easiest site to figure out that i have ever seen and the folks here are the best from admin (who actually listens!) to the tds (who put thier hearts and souls into what they do) to the players who can make you laff, cry, and otherwise love them...all i can say is i honestly think Eliters is the best league in world wide nets possibilities and clubs (all) rock!
Byron (yeahicrackmeuptoo) 12/25/2008

... eliters is and has been the best league i have ever played / tded in hands down.
Sean (justarush_td) 12/25/2008

... I felt so special in eliters with so many welcoming people that I wanted to spend all my time here...
Beatriz (chicana323SCLA) 12/23/2008

Eliters provides a safe haven from the vulgar mean players.
Elsie (kracken1900) 12/15/2008

Iíve never had a more enjoyable time playing anywhere than I have with ElitersÖ
Michael (TOPWATER95945) 12/15/2008

Eliters offers the finest games and the finest folks you will ever play with or against.
Byron (yeahicrackmeuptoo) 11/14/2008

If you're looking for a competitive, friendly, family oriented place to play, Eliters is the elite of the elite online tourney leagues.
Wendy (Wsavedwretch) 10/27/2008

Eliters is a place of atmosphere. It has everything but the car, truck or home that you always wanted. What makes it special is the people that are here - the laughter, fun, skilled players and supportive staff.
Fredrick (Saints56Fan) 10/27/2008

I like the formats used within Eliters. I have seen other leagues that allow you to pick your partners for playing and finals and I don't prefer that style.
Deb (debzgame2) 10/2/2008

The players at Eliters are nice and friendly. They are more like family than just being strangers on the internet.
angela (angiendave84) 9/26/2008

You will not find a better place to play cards that will ever be as awesome as playing in Eliters.
Therese (jerseymom2u) 9/3/2008

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