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9/21/2018 - 10:53  EST

  Eliters Open 2002 - Hotel Game Help 

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Eliters Open - The First Live Elite Tournament
Eliters Open URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v001main.asp

2055 Autoroute des Laurentides
(450) 686-0600

Special room rates for tournament players
Exclusive single room
Exclusive double room
Other types of rooms/suites are available on request

Room rates include:
2 nights accommodation
2 breakfast
2 buffets
2 beers

If not staying at hotel; 2 buffets and 2 beers will cost Can$ 30

Denis Vezina
E-mail: vezi2000@yahoo.com
Tel 1-514-943-9988
Fax 1-418-837-6248


From Ontario:
Highway 401 (TransCanada Highway) becomes Autoroute 40 East (Autoroute TransCanadienne), Take Exit for Highway 15 North. On Highway 15 take Exit No 8 St-Martin East. On Bd St-Martin, at 1st traffic light, turn left onto Boulevard Le Corbusier. At 1st traffic light, turn left again onto Boulevard Tessier to the hotel.

From East Quebec:
Autoroute 40 West, Exit 15 North (Autoroute des Laurentides), Exit No 8 (St-Martin East). At 1st traffic light, turn left onto Boulevard Le Corbusier, at 1st traffic light, turn left onto Boulevard Tessier to the hotel.

From U.S.A.:
Interstate 87 becomes Autoroute 15 North in Canada. Follow signs to Autoroute 15 North and Champlain Bridge. Once you cross the Champlain Bridge, you will see signs for Autoroute 15 and 20. Keep following signs to Autoroute 15 North. Once on the 15 North (Décarie expressway) toward the end of expressway, keep right and exit Metropolitain Expressway East (40 East). Go East to highway 15 North (Autoroute des Laurentides Nord). Then take exit for Autoroute 15 North. On Autoroute 15 North, take Exit No 8 (Boulevard St-Martin East). At first traffic light, turn left on Boulevard Le Corbusier, and left again at the first traffic light, on Boulevard Tessier to hotel.

From Dorval Airport:
Follow directions and take Highway 20 East, take exit for 13 North and then take exit for Highway 440 East. On the 440 East take exit Highway 15 South (Autoroute des Laurentides). Take exit No 8 (St-Martin East). At the first traffic light turn left on Le Corbusier, then the first left on Tessier to the hotel.

From North Quebec:
Follow directions for Autoroute 15 South (Autoroute des Laurentides). Keep following Autoroute 15 South, take exit No 8 (Boulevard St-Martin East). At first traffic light, turn left on Le Corbusier, and on the first trafiic light turn left on Tessier to the hotel.

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