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9/24/2018 - 04:35  EST

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2004 GrandPrix National Championships
Chicago, IL on September 17-19, 2004

Grand Prix URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v004main.asp

Feedback 1 - EliteBarrelOFun
Whoa whatta weekend we had in Chicago. Lemme give you all alittle vision of our weekend from my perspective so you can look thru the eyes of a barrel... (feel free to add this to your gossip column luckyluvr LOLOL)


7:00 AM

Barrel starts packin (mmm little late) and cant find his tennis shoes... screw em.. 8 hr drive and registration is at 4.. gotta leave by 8 to get there. Jumpin in the sebring and off to CHI-Town for some fun games and fun peeps... outta my driveway bout 8:05.

3:00 PM (by my clock)

Wooohooo half our left (I thought) only 30 miles away!! But ummm.... wtf are all these cars doing heading the same way i am?? Just alittle traffic but I guess i can deal.. Pumped for the hearts tourney..

4:30 PM (by my clock)

As I'm screaming obscenities out my sunroof, Im pissed that im late for registration. I HATE CHICAGO TRAFFIC... where was the warning for this on the grand prix main page? ROFL finally pullin up to the doors of what is an awesome, awesome resort.. gotta run quick.. dont wanna miss registration... and umm screw my suitcase... cuz umm... i dont have a room.. LOL.

Walkin in I see a bunch of lushes at the bar... guess they cant wait till the first break from the first tourney... lookin for faces but only know the names so I ask the registrar where we check in. She points the way.. (as I look admirably at her backside thinkin this gonna be a gooooooooood weekend) I rush over to the doors... and no ones there. Did I miss check in???? I ask a passerby what time is it... 3:45 he says?? LAWD I forgot they are mountain time... Gonna head over to the bar for a quick drink..

Hello cutie at the bar... lucious black woman could be my SOULY mate.. start up a conversation.. wouldnt you know she is an ELITER (and has a man whos comin in tomorrow dammm LOLOL)!! woooooo I've met my first of many great new friends.. and hell if she aint hostin right from the bar! NOW THATS THE WAY U HOST A TOURNEY! A few more peeps come by to chat with pat so I get to meet a couple more.... Michelle and Cam.

Lookin to my right I hear someone yell "debbbbbbbbbzzz", and thats my cue .. there was a tush i planned on pinching.. only problem was... she kissed me first LOL.

Still now only met 4 eliters... I knowwwwwww theres many more to come. Gotta go tho from the bar time to register. Someone says "hello tina", and my head whips around. Been wanting to meet this one... but as i go to reach for a shake she whips by me to hurry to the tourney doors... dayum guess she didnt know who I was LOLOL.

Standin in line (and a longgg line it was) who is that? With a SUNNY smile and a warm embrace I get a huge hug, then a handshake from a guy with a MILLER in his hand.. great peeps here, gonna have an awesome (and come to be verrrry interesting) time in chicago LOL.

Do I need my check book? DEBZ says umm... yeah no credit cards LOL off to the car. When I come back theres a couple peeps standing around who I dont know yet... but then I really do. CARROT BLOSSOM hugs as I introduce, and a NUKEY shake. 2 more eliters, 2 more great peeps. Strollin along is the SPIRIT i was lookin for wooooooooooooooohoooooooooo. I cant wait to meet the rest. Registering I see a someone im sure I know AHAHA! Its Heidi!! Hugs for you then off to smoke a few. Lawd would that sidewalk become one of the best places to congregate... and more importantly one of the funnest places in Chicago.

Those doors that separated the inside from the out, also separated the serious from the silly. Inside those doors we were a team, rootin each other on in each game the other played yet outside those doors was a whole nother world... there (and the bar) was where the memories were made...

7:30 PM

Time for my first game... I still dont have a room, but not even thinking of that, I'll sleep in my car if I have to. Time for straight up seriousness (I thought) and all that game experience comes down to now. Problem was, how the hell do you play hearts live? ROFLLLL.... my first experience playin hearts with real cards was a definite learning lesson, some tables were dead silent for fear of loss of concentration, some joking louder than any, I decided I was here to have fun with good competition so I chose the latter. And hell if that decision wasnt the start of one of the funnest weekends of my life LOL.

9:30 PM

Two rounds over. Im not doin so good LOL. DNR (Don, the only other hearts player) and I had much adversity against the best in the country (let alone ourselves since when i played him, I screwed up his moon, which made us both lose that game CHIT! LOL) I wanted to play well and took the games seriously, but I decided from the getgo that this was gonna be fun win or lose... glad I made that choice.

Off to have a ciggy and DEBZ asks if I found a room. "nopers" I say, and kindly she says... Wanna room with me and MRS D. Mrs D is here!? I didnt see her yet!! I turn around and there she is. Hugz and more hugs then I hear another voice say a couple peeps away... "hey u can room with me, I have an extra bed" Thanks BEE I appreciate the offer.. but I already accepted DEBZ's extention to roll out the barrel in the morning (which she apparently forgot to do).

After a good laugh I hear them call for a CASH TOURNEY. What Game could that be?

So Don and I said hell lets play a cash SPADES tourney ROFL... yeah the lone 2 hearts (or any other game) players playing against 18 other spades teams. We won, then won, then won again! U serious? Semifinals time. A, what i called 'stupid rule', that if you play a spade lead before spades was broken (even unknowingly since we cant even ASK!) caused our nil hand to go south, without even getting to play it out... 150 less was too hard to overcome but ya gotta feel good about going to the semis against some of the best in spades, especially since we would have won that game had we made the nil (which was mine and believe me.. I wasnt takin a trick LOL) and made it to the finals of that tourney if it wasnt for that "stupid rule" LOL.

3:00 AM

After that tourney I was ready for BED... debz and mrs D are sleeping. Fresh Prince is on LOL so I watch for a few and then Im out! Gotta be up at 9:00 am for our next rounds at 10:30 for hearts.

10:30 Saturday Morning...

"YAWNSSSSS" looks at the clock... OH CHIT! ummm I think i was supposed to be down there by now LOL so a quick shower and smoke and im off to the table with 3 guys waiting patiently for my arrival... good thing they were good sports LOL. First of the last 3 starts off well, a second place finish. A win in one of the next 2 games assures me a spot in the finals. Sadly, the next 2 games proved to be my worst and 4th place in 4th and a second in the Last is the best that i could do. Don didnt have much more luck, so Eliters Hearts had a decent but unrewarding showing. We played the best we could with the circumstances that the tourney threw at us, but there was much more to come of this weekend.. out of the tourney but not out of the fun... not by a longshot.

Saturday proved to be the longest and one of the wierdest, most hilarious, and craziest days I've ever had.

I met a few more eliters that day, MICHELLE, PEEKABOO, NUMBNUTZ, CAJ, POLAR, DINO , TREE, BRAZIN, BONNIE AND RAY, and a few more I was introduced to but didnt see as much (EUCHY PEEPS) since they made the euchy peeps stay in a separate room and their times for tourneys were so different.

After I was done with my tourneys I said its time to have fun.

I walk over to see DEBZ and TINA and ask em if they are hungry cuz im starvin. They said hell yeah and I offer to go get some food. Before I got to go I got to meet DUTCH and he's one hellofaguy (and a tall one too lol) Then Off to Burger King and I get a call. 8 whopper meals, 4 Jr Whoppers, OMG.. they feeding the whole room? I laughed and said do we have everybody now? LOL back to the resort with 245 bags of food and pull up to the infamous sidewalk of smokers... only problem was... where were the ashtrays?

Ahhhh I see em now...

I see a group huddled around some of the ummm ashtrays? playing cards. How wierd was this. Then again how ingenious!! SUNNY pulled some trays together to make a table covered with her "pink" folders (really red but umm I will let her believe they were pink) and they are teachin CAJ how to play some spades. Sweet. Until the security guards came.... "what are you doing?" they say... what does it look like??? playing CARDS!! No! Put em Back! they demanded. Look at all the butts on the ground! (and sunny said hell I worked in a bar... send me a broom and I'll sweep em up! rofl) Actually our butts were all in chairs that we had pulled outside from the tournament rooms LOLOL. Ahhh so out comes the Spades Administrater for Grand Prix... Put em back and get a table he says, so I do... and like a barrel I roll it outside... Much better actually... and much more comfy LOL. Only problem... we set it up in the middle of the doors! LOL Back again comes the Spades Admin... Why is it set up here? Very simply... this is where we put it LOL. So now we must move our table again. But hey it was getting dark by now and we got to move it under the lights. Needless to say it became the longest, most substituted game ive ever played. But we were having too much fun to play anyways!

I got up for a bathroom run and off to the bar i went.... I knew i got up for something. LOL

I needed an ashtray for our table that we stole from the inside because why get up from the table while we were having so much fun just to put out a cigarette? ... Debz and Tina and a few were gathered at one of the Bar's tables in comfy chairs.. I grab an ashtray and as im walking away hear someone yell my name... IN A MINUTE i say (more like 6 hrs) I will be right back. As I walk away I hear something like 'polarized cam' 'and get er done' I start laughing even tho I have no clue what that meant (lawd if i only knew).

Back to our table outside on the walk, laughing and discussing things, got to know peeps and got to see a pic of BRAZIN's daughter (I still need those digits LOL). That nite I made friends that I know will last my lifetime, then again there was Roger Dodger... and his chocolate fantasy... Anyways... MILLER AND SUNNY need a ride back to their Hotel. I will give ya a ride!! Lemme go get my car. As I pull up, the fantasy asks to get a ride, and asks for another type of one too... the first i oblige, but I think the liquer was gettin to her. So I open my door and low and behold Roger Dodger jumps in (these 2 were not eliters but will hide their names for anonymity ROFL!) So in comes the choco fantasy and sunny and miller and me off to the hotel for a drink, and a little more...

In the hotel room I learned how to play 5 card knock poker, drank a few, and heard miller yell obcenities about bodily fluids... but not to worry sunny checked it out and called a cab for the fantasy and dodger... out they went and never to see them again.. lawd knows what happened there...


I get back to the resort and up to the room. Dutch wakes and we start talking and man can we conversate. Mrs D woke up and we started talkin about 3 AM and didnt stop till we decided to go for Duncan Doughnuts for Coffee at 8 am.

I think its the day that never ends but I gotta sleep some... checkout is supposed to be at noon... that leaves me 3 hrs LOL. Finally I crawl in bed with DEBZ (pls no questions) but I did end up getting some sleep... I didnt wake up till about 2:30 pm LOL. After I got out of the shower Debz and Tina show up to make sure im still alive... I heard stories of Debz on top of me Bouncing but I pleaded I didnt remember anything...

Out to the lounge with my bag in hand and many new friends gathered around drinking coffee and talking of the days of great fun. Stories of BEE in sexy lingerie and cathy's admiration of her shoes, wedding marches of violins, card game experiences, life learning experiences, and more quotes from The Cable Guy. Undeniably an exhausting yet hilarious weekend.

Before I leave I get a kiss and some violins played just for me (oh and vt too)... and I think some pics to prove it... Lawd I cant wait to see the pics...

And yes... I still dont have a reason to be blackmailed LOLOLOL....

Thanks everyone for a great weekend... I will remember this one for a very long time. Great Job HAHA.. great turnout ELITERS.. Cant wait for the Next one!

Damn I knew i forgot something... I think i have memory loss from that weekend... But yes Miller and Bonnieray I was there every 5 mins checkin the score LOL and Imin and Nutts WOW congrats! I didnt know much about the euchre side since they separated us at birth (of the tourneys) LOL.

I did forget something else tho.. I met one of the nicest and most interesting people this weekend but only got to talk to him a bit.. his name is HUMPCO as you all know him. Wish I had more time to conversate with ya humpers!

Barrel (could I have regrets... maybe... will I?... NEVER! LOL)


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