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7/22/2018 - 16:04  EST

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2004 GrandPrix National Championships
Chicago, IL on September 17-19, 2004

Grand Prix URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v004main.asp

Feedback 2 - Mrs_Dutch2002

Hiya everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had an awesome time in Chicago althou I didn't come home with any money, but I finally got to put names to faces and that was the real reason that I went. Cam, Tina, Deb " Get in Quick, get'er done, get out while the gettin's good....lol.......Thanks to everyone that I got to meet and had a blast with...I had an awesome time and I just want to say thank you to everyone.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome in Chicago this weekend even thou I didn't play much euchre at the time. I felt I was part of the family here and I will say that I will be here more and more. I think that I have made some great lifetime friendships. This weekend was the best weekend that I have had in a long time cause I didn't have to listen to my kids argrue or mom he is looking at me.......lmao...Thank again each and everyone of you. you all mean alot to me.

Ok here is my version of a wonderful weekend

Friday 5:30 am
Wake up cause I'm so excited I just can't sleep another wink. Just can't wait to finally put faces with these eliters names....lol

Time to get the kids up for school and kick them out the door so I can start my Birthday weekend in Chicago...lol

Kids are finally walking out the door to catch the bus...about darn time...lol.....Oldest comes back to wish mom a Happy Birthday and good luck in Chicago.awwwwww how can you not love him.....lol

Mr D finally comes home from work. Says well I have to work Saturday night from 1 am to 7 am so I can't come down there to be with you....now I have a sad face, but he can't keep from laughing and now he tells me that he does have the weekend off...darn man.....lol

Off to the bank we go so that I have money in Chicago....lol then to wal-mart we go and get a few more things.

Mr D lays on the couch waiting to take me to meet polar, michele, april showers and peek. While he is napping I'm on line talking to everyone that I can...Then the phone rings and it is my best friend in Fla wishing me a happy birthday and good luck in Chicago

awwwwwwwwww finally the phone call that I have been waiting for it is polar......wooohooo they are Kalamazoo not but another 45 minutes to where they are suppose to meet me. Wake dutch up and say hey time to get rid of your wife.......lol

Wooohooo here comes polar and all the canaidan women....lol.....well dutch right away starts picking on the them all.....that's my dutch I knew he wouldn't let me down......lol

2:00 pm
We have arrived to the resort....wow what some traffic Chicago has. Highway signs say 2 lanes but darn it when you get up there it is only 1 lane...how I wonder who goofed on that...lol..We get to the desk and I ask if deb is there already and yes she is.......woooooohoooooo and she added me to the room so wow I get a key....lol Next is peek and michele's turn well numb is there and checked in but I didn't add one of them to the list and now the desk has to call the room and guess what noone is there...so now michele and peek couldn't get their bags out and get a shower. We wonder around the hotel looking for other eliters and it is like everyone and anyone could be an eliter...I think we should have gotten names tags right away so we all knew who was who......lol...

Michele finally takes me up on my offer to come to mine and debz room to get a shower. and here comes peek also getting changed from there long trip before registation. Back down stairs we go and guess who we see but souly sitting there at the bar hosting her tourney's...drink on one side of the laptop and her smokes on the other now that girl knows how to host a tourney....lol

going to registation and found out we got to have our p before we can register....hmmmm oh wait there is Debzzzz wooohooo now we can play.......now they start annoucing free bar from 6 - 7......man you should have seen the faces on the eliters......freeeee booze and we are there...lol

Time to get the tourney started....now they start telling us about the rules.....rules?.....who needs rules we just came to play cards....well darn it if you play out of turn you lose 2 points....if you don't offer your oppents a cut you lose to points....well now I can see how my night is going to go...and needless to say I have had a few drinks...and Mr Nuke is working very hard on getting my p debz drunk also.....heheheh........oh well I came here to have fun and fun is what I am going to have.....lol

1:00 am
Curbside pizza is what we are having.......lol......and then what do we see but debz and spirit having a bra removal contest....and boobie bumping.....well needless to say debz won cause tina had to wear a bracelet that got caught on here shirt....lol

8:00 am Saturday
Wake up and thinks omg I get to ahold of dutch to tell him what street to turn on to get to the hotel...runs to the bathroom to throw some clothes on cause I don't want to wake up the debz and her barrelofun on the other side of her....lol

Goes downstairs to use the phone to call dutch well dad didn't come get the boys friday night so that makes dutch getting there later but oh well atleast he is coming....lol...Goes over to the bar and low and behold there is souly hosting again at the bar....lol..

Dutch finally arrives woooohoooooo...now it is time to introduce all these crazy eliters. Oh yeah and I got to explain all the rules to him so he doesn't get any points taken away....lol...

1:00 pm
The round robin tourney finally starts but first they got to give away the door prizes..well all I can say is they never called mine and dutch's numbers..hmmm wonders if I should ask for a refund....lmao...now they tell us that we are only getting cigg breaks after round 4, 8 and 12...wow if I had of known I would have smoked more....lol

Finally the round robin is over....thank god..I don't think that I want to see another euchre card for a while at that point...Looks at dutch and says it is time for some food and no junk please...So dutch takes me to Benagans.....woooooohooooo steak and shrimp my kind of meal....lol

Time to put dutch to bed cause the poor man has been up since 4 pm friday afternoon.....lol....well needless to say he was sleeping before his head hit the pillow....lol....I was going to get back up and go downstairs but I fell asleep as well..woke up about 3:30 or 4 and there was dutch and barrel talking so I joined in the covensation and then I was needing some coffee badly and dutch says well lets go get some donuts I'm like I'm there....lol

Back at the hotel and takes the coffee and donuts up to the room and wake debz up again and then barrel crawls in the bed with her again needing some sleep badly I guess....lol...Well I still say that if debz didn't keep him up half the night he wouldn't have needed that much sleep.....lmao...

Back down stairs we go and start watching people coming downstairs with some major headaches...lol...dutch goes outside and then when he comes back he sees debz crawling on her knees to cam.....lol...Then we all decide that we need some breakfast and what do we see but nukey under the table and snuggling up to debz boobs...guess he wanted to see if they were brusied from her and tina doing the boobie bump all weekend.....lol

1:00 am
Time for dutch and I to leave cause we need to go get the kids from mom and dad's and the kids wanted to celebrated my birthday since mom decided to take off for the weekend and have a blast in Chicago.

Thank you all for making Chicago and wonderful place. I just wonder if the city will ever be the same again....lol


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