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9/22/2018 - 10:10  EST

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2004 GrandPrix National Championships
Chicago, IL on September 17-19, 2004

Grand Prix URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v004main.asp

Feedback 3 - vt_spirit

Memories of Chicago

I arrive at O'hare early on friday morning..now i have a real dilemma...debs flight and shanes flight both arrive at the same time, so now i have to decide who is going into panic mode first.. without a doubt I know it will be deb cause, well think of shane's name (numbnutts) so i walk a block and half to meet deb...stand there at the gate thinking OMG i had a 5 min webcam view of her on thursday,what happens if i don't know her or she gets by me...well that didn't happen..out she comes. I said..DEB??? she just looks at me and says ..really skiddish...MAYBE...well that was all it took..deb and i were definately bonded from then on..so we go get her luggage.. and now off to meet shane..only to arrive at the baggage claim to find the flight arrived and everyone has already got their luggage and gone...INCLUDING SHANE.

so deb and I are in awwww cause neither of us know what to do...so we get the brain storm...page him.....well we do this twice...still no shane..all at once..i see this guy staring at me...so i said are u shane...and the dingbat shakes his head YES with a cat that stole the canary grin....the limo arrives....I won't mention the fact that deb fell in the hole in limo as she was doing the wiggle butt scene for shane...GOD DEB I LOVE U...LMAO
Ok now at the hotel i have a missed call on my phone..hmmmmmmmmm from none other then mumbles ...so off to the rooms drop the luggage and head for the bars......lmao...and then what is a party without NUKEY..so call him he comes to the bar...only to be lost..so up i go to retrieve him..well now let me tell u....the party began and never stopped..

we go to register.. but i have to leave nuke to meet someone in the lobby....well there is Deb and these two guys (what a surprise ..deb and two guys) lmao.. well nuke calls we are near the registration booth so i have to run...little did i know i ran off and didn't meet the one i was so waiting for months to meet.. after getting registered...i see this guy with deb again... hmmmm all at once I realize who it is....( I will give u a hint) he has an awwwwesome way with a tongue ring.LOL..and omg does he ever have some out of this world cologne...Barrel I love u and i promise to give u them blowpops real soon..lol

The laughs just kept going and going ...now time to play cards....well..needless to say poor nuke has a partner that never played euchre with cards...we sat at the first table.. I was having a crisis.. I couldn't find the mouse to click my cards..and the tables had floor length table clothes on them so i couldn't go under the tables...so instead i bit a hole in my lip out of fear.. nuke felt well i am not sure what he felt but he kept us supplied with beer real well...Nuke U are the best hun...

Ok time for curb side action.....well all i can say is deb is 42 and i am only 40!!!!!!!! and why did i wear the bracelet??

Let just skip along to sitting in a 5 star hotel until 3:30 in the morning... ohhhh chilled tequilla mmm mmm good... and now to join the party is lisa..(nukes best half) talk about a riot.. well I am not sure how deb lisa and i escaped jail time... but let me just say.... GETTERDONE... will live on forever. And having bee say Tina hand me my coke, as i turn around there stands Bee in a long black nightie..what robe and TENNIS shoes to round out the outfit....LMAO...and nuke tell us what a unicorn looks like please... Jussy all i can say hun is I got your number..lol

Ok...now moving to sunday.. Barrel has not surfaced and it is past checkout time....so up deb and I go...have to get the cleaning lady to let us in...i told her i forgot something in the room and i think he is still sleeping....

Ok round two coming up...but i have to wait till i can see my screen again..I am laughing to hard right now.


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