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7/20/2018 - 19:39  EST

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2004 GrandPrix National Championships
Chicago, IL on September 17-19, 2004

Grand Prix URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v004main.asp

Feedback 2 - Other Eliters

just a great thank you to all the great eilters, i got to meet and thanks to you all 4 the huggs and sweet words and now i know what is on the other side when we p up to play. great job haha tyvm and my great soul p ---- singlesoul ty hun
tc all



A great big thanks to everyone who made Chicago so much fun!..you guys Rock! Tina, I luvs ya girl...well..you know what we said. I had a blast. I think Eliters had a great showing and represented the club well. (even if we didn't win) I think we had the most fun!..*LOL*

Thank everyone..



Cards sucked but the Eliter's rocked!!!! Y'all are as wonderful and fun in person as you are in online. Thanks for a great weekend!

Nuke & Lisa <--- "new Eliter"



I am just sooooo glad all you travelers are back!!! It wasn't the same without you here. I am glad you all had a great time and thanks Deb, Nukey, Tina, Dawn, and Soulie for including me. You made me feel like I was there in spirit anyway. Also ....thanks Deb, Tina and Nukey for caring. I love you guys. Glad you are home!!!!

Lynn (shhhhhh ...I am supposed to be working)



Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It was incredible to meet all of you; can't wait to do it again!! Debz, Nukey, Cam, Michele, Bee, Polar, Jennnnnnifffffer, Tina, Rachel, Lissa, John (shut UP, Dutch!!), Rich, Miller (you sneaky rascal), Dino, Heidi, Tree, Barrrrrrrrrrelll, Sunny, Caj, and everyone who's name I can't think of.... you all rock!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the fun and for making the Ref feel like he was a part of it....

Get 'er done!!!!!



Im very glad I got to meet you all, and I really owe a few very speical people ( no names needed) a big big thanks I wouldnt of been there without ya. All you Eliters ROCK!! Good or bad they were there for me.

Aslo I would like to thank HAHAHA you did a great job.

Get'er done !!!!! the newest saying from Chicago :P



Thank you very much Michele and all - it was a blast. Both Donavan and I loved meeting all of you. We all learned a few things we would do different and we saw some things we really liked (would so like to make a joke here but will refrain - i'm sure you can all think of something lol). I'm looking forward to the next Live Eliters Event. You all Rock.



had a blast but dont believe anything anything said i supposedly did

cant wait for the next one



i hope ya all had fun!!!! i sooooo wish i coulda been there....starting to think i woulda been better off going to chicago than stayin home this weekend!

i want PICCCCSSSSS!!!!!!!.....lol....i hate that i've missed 2 now...and this time i was only about 1/2 hr 45 minutes away....lol
glad u all made it back ok and had a blast!!!


ty u guys for making me feel welcome there i had some much fun there it was a blast to met all of u i hope we can do it again next yr tytyty shane


hahahahaha! Well done barrel, but then I'd expect nothing less. The only thing you left out was...Miller and Ray placed 6th out of over 50 spades teams and Imin_UR_Dreams (chelle) and the Numbnutts guy placed in top 10 in over 130 some euchre players! (It was an official tournament remember...that's why we went) GIGGLES!!!

OMG I just spent 15 minutes reliving that AWESOME weekend with Eliters! It was a blast! Now..sigh..back to work! Cya all in the little gray boxes that now have a lot more faces!

Thanks Barrel = )


WTG barrel ,,,,, summed it up very well.. let me thank HaHa for doing such a fine job first ....the whole weekend in my eyes are still a little blurry ..... however me and my pard did over come out strongest oppts, in spades on match 4..... i suffered with choclatenitus and still won ... of course after that match surely a smoke was going to put a end to the pressures of winning that game ...... as i went for the entrance of this 5 star hotel/resort....the security ppl cut me off ... they was in a hurry to get outside.... of course curiousty got the best of me .... as i poked my head out the door i seen a crowd huddled around ,,,,,,,, the stone ashtray tables, hmmmmmmm wondering what this was about i peeked in the crowd and saw the leader ( sunny ) pleading her case....... my first thoughts was what did i do with the bail money i brang along ........ then i invisioned sunny in a mug shot with numbers running across her chest ..... and the eliters logo........ this was not good.... and as far as pics go ....... MR_K i will cough up the 10.000 yeps for that said picture and another 5000 for the negatives ....... but rember i know where you live . i could go on and on ..... reality was though every one there had a very good time .... pure pleasures....


Due to someone thinking they were in love, choosing to get married this past weekend, and having the audacity to expect me to be in the wedding, I was unable to go to Chicago. WAHHHHHHHHHHH!! I wanted to go so much I was frantic, but had no way of getting out of attending a wedding in which I was to be an attendant to the bride. I was so incredibly sad because the eliters I love were all going and I was left home alone. Being the oh-so-wise eliter that I am, I was smart and gave my cell number to two VIP eliters before they left. I felt it was a very wise move on my part. Well, maybe not quite as wise as I'd like to think, since they kept me up most of Saturday night after the wedding. ROFLMAO What crazy people they are! Most people pass drinks and other things around to share, but these crazies passed the phone around so all could talk to me, and then set up a shift of people to call me on the hour, every hour all night long so I could be part of the fun. FUN???

At any rate, as I suspected ahead of time, it was a blast. I was sitting feeling like the little girl who didn't get an invitation to the party, but just talking to them on the phone made me feel a part of this wild and crazy bunch of people. But, this wasn't a new feeling to me. These wild and crazy people have made me feel a part of them for a long time now and I love them. I give them a hard time occasionally, but those who know the real Juss know it's not about them, just the game.

Well, now to the second part of the title to this message...something about I think I luv him. After I had a long discussion with several eliters (mainly female) in particular Tina and Debz (who, by the way, have not kept me from laughing since the weekend), I think I have fallen in luv. They directed me to HIS messages here about Chicago and after reading them I am sure of it. Thought you might like to know, Barrel, that if I'm going to miss Chicago next year because of a wedding, I'd like it to be yours and mine. ROTFLMAO I think I luv you! Does age matter? LMAO


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