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7/21/2018 - 22:53  EST

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2004 GrandPrix National Championships
Chicago, IL on September 17-19, 2004

Grand Prix URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/games/main/v004main.asp

What a weekend! 34 Great Eliters came together to meet, have some good competition, and have fun. All three were achieved at the Grand Prix Championships tournament in Chicago, IL September 17-19.

There were many firsts for Eliters - first time to meet friends, first time to play in a live card tournament, and for some (like me and my euchre partner, Air679) it was the first time to play euchre with "real" cards! It was a blast.

34 Great Eliters participated in this most important annual Event.

01. Air679 (Jason)
02. April_showers12 (Jennifer)
03. Bonnieray2001 (Ray)
04. Cajrn57 (Carol Ann)
05. Carrotblossom (Belinda)
06. Culpepper_mvp (Todd)
07. Cutiepie19ca2002 (Krystal)
08. Dawndawn29 (Dawn)
09. Debzgame (Deb)
10. Dino23r (Dean)
11. Domoreracing04 (Cam)
12. DSR_9_returns (Don)
13. Dutch4907901 (John)
14. EliteBarrelOFun (Will)
15. Eliters_mr_k (Frank)
16. Elitest_brazin (Wendy and husband Tim played)
17. Haha2105 (Heidi)
18. Hookster123456 (Cameo appearance)
19. Humpco_99 (John)
20. Imin_ur_dreams (Chelle)
21. Michele1432 (Michele)
22. Miller_man278 (Bob)
23. Mindaferd (Mindy)
24. Mrs_Dutch2002 (Lissa)
25. Nukemeuchem (Scott)
26. Numb_nutts_1 (Shane)
27. Peekabooyeps (Rachel)
28. Polarbaby2004 (Paula)
29. Singlesoul_1999 (Pat)
30. SpitFireAkaRich (Rich)
31. Sunny4Elite (Deb)
32. SUPERSS6 (Steve)
33. Treeball55109 (Donavan - official Eliters photographer)
34. Vt_spirit (Tina)

Eliters came to play Euchre, Hearts Spades - and played they did. Out of over 200 players, Eliters did very well overall. They came in top tens in teams and individual competitions, won "special" awards (including trophies and cash), and were a great example of what our site really is - family and fun:

Cajrn57 - won an actual trophy; the skunk award for lowest pts in Euchre Round Robin - she also won $1.00 :D
Bonnieray2001 & Miller_man278 - sixth out of 50 Spades teams.
Imin_ur_dreams - placed in top ten of Euchre Round Robin out of 120
Michele1432 & Peekabooyeps - placed 3rd in the optional Reverse Euchre tourney out of 8 teams
Nukemeuchem - placed in top ten of Euchre Round Robin out of 120
Numb_nutts_1 - placed in top ten of Euchre Round Robin out of 120
Peekabooyeps & SpitFireAkaRich - placed in top ten out of 52 teams
SpitFireAkaRich - placed in top ten of Euchre Round Robin out of 120
Singlesoul_1999 won $208 side pool.

I heard from many non-Eliters in Chicago who said, "I'm gonna check out your site" or "I've played there before - I need go back there." People can see the fun and smiles that we have and its genuine.

I was proud to be in Chicago with such a great fun group of people. It was Donavan's and my pleasure to host for you and we look forward to the next!

Heidi (Haha2105)
Events Director

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