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haha21051 Interviewed by: purcelin
 3/23/2009 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Heidi and Donavan
Location: Minneapolis
Sex: F
Age: Old enough
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Hard working
Languages Spoken: English

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When and how did you meet?

H: April 14, 2002 - we were both hosting tournaments for Criby. It was the day I returned to the US from being overseas for 7 months.
D: Many many moons ago...am I supposed to know the date? I'm a man. We played cribbage and backgammon tourneys together, then talked on the phone.

What was the first thing that drew you to your partner?

H: He was sensitive, kind and on my time schedule (he was up at night and slept during the day and I had just returned from Australia).
D: She was fun, had a good personality, and was intelligent.

How long did it take before you met in person?

H: One week.
D: Couple months....wasn't it??

What was that experience like?

H: I made him pick me up at my parent's house and meet them first (yes dino). We had a great first date - dinner at Red Lobster, a movie and a drive around the Twin Cities.
D: Good.

Who is the better cribbage player of the two?

H: Donavan
D: It goes with out saying....me, of course

How and when did the proposal happen?

H: Donavan proposed to me on August 13, 2005 at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.
D: What proposal? The wedding? We kicked it to Connecticut to see my mom and I had it all set up at the Statue of Liberty on a day trip to New York.

Tell us about the wedding?

H: June 10, 2006 with 180 of our closest relatives and a few friends. The best part was that both of our then 91-year old grandmothers were able to be there with us (they are both 94 now and doing well still!)
D: Good wedding, lots of fun, lots of family, nice reception.

How many Eliters were guests at the wedding?

H: 2 - dino (father of the bride) and singlesoul (friend of many).
D: None - is that right? Oh, yeah, dino23r, but I don't see him as an Eliter, and Pat and Donald (singlesoul and ref).

What part does Eliters continue to play in your life now?

H: For me, I am back to hosting in Criby and I play most all games. Donavan doesn't play much at all now as he is working on graduating from college the end of April.
D: It gives me and my hun a chance to have a virtual setting to enjoy games and I can steal my hun's rating points (wife's note: "whatever.")

Do you still play cribbage together in real life? Who wins the most?

H: Yes we do play. Donavan wins more in real life (but Yahoo usually likes me better). We have hosted two live Eliters events over the years also.
D: Yeah we do but not as much as I would like to. Who wins more? Well me of course.

Any suggestions for couples who meet online - we hear all the horror stories, but clearly you made it work...

H: Meet in person soon. The longer you date virtually, the more difficult relating in person can be.
D: Yeah, you can't have the relationship move too fast or too slow, meet (in person) soon, remain honest, regardless where you are at.

Any future Eliters in your household?

H: Yes, our three kitties love to chase the mouse on the screen or sit on my lap while I play. They like to "help" :).
D: No, unless our cats can develop some mad skills.

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