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itsjustnicole28 Interviewed by: purcelin
 3/25/2009 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Nicole
Location: Suburban Chicago
Sex: F
Age: 26
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Many
Languages Spoken: Just English

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Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, Iím 26, married to my wonderful husband Kevin, who has put up with me and my goofiness for the last year and a half. Iím a college grad but have re-enrolled to pursue another degree and fulfill a dream to become an Interior Designer. Iím of Irish and Polish descent, the Irish side is a very large and close-knit family, which I treasure very much. I myself am an only child, but have cousins that may be closer to me than siblings.

What other interests or hobbies do you have (other than Eliters of course)

I play softball, bowl, garden, I like to cook and I hang out with gearheads at classic car shows. I play a mean game of 9 ball.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join

From another disgruntled member of the old league I played in, and in April, Itíll be 5 years!

How did you pick your Eliters name - does it have any special significance?

Nothing Special, Iím just Nicole and I was 21 when I made it up.

Tell us something unique or interesting about yourself that we are unlikely to know

Iím an assistant coach for a girls softball team. I also sponsor and work with a couple of kids with Dystrophy. My mom is also trying to teach me to sew. I want to make quilts.

What makes Eliters special?

Thatís an easy one, the people that play here - theyíre (for the most part anyway), fun, and cool to hang out with.

What games do you play? Are there any other games you would like to give a try?

Usually just pinochle at Eliters, but I tried gin a couple of times, and I play stuff at Pogo sometimes, with my step kids.

What is your absolute favorite game - and who taught you to play

Pinochle is my favorite card game, my grandpa started teaching me when I was around 10. For a real live game - my first love is softball!

Do you currently hold any position in Eliters? Is there any other particular position you might be interested in?

No, and no, I just like to play and gab.

What is your proudest achievement in life?

My graduations, both from High School and College and winning 2 championships in softball in High School. Marrying my best friend is also high on the list.

What is the most important thing for you in tournament play?

Having fun, oh I like to win, but the joy of the game and playing with friends eclipses that.

If you could offer one suggestion to improve Eliters, what would it be?

Well, and this canít really happen, but to sever the dependence on Yahoo for game servers.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Iíd like to be taller!

If you could only use one sentence to describe the way you feel about Eliters, to a prospective new player, what would it be

Great times with awesome people,'nuff said!

What is the most memorable experience that you have had as a TD or a player, online or at a live event?

I played in a Jack and Jill tournament when I was rather new, and my partner was an awesome person. We subsequently became good friends, unhappily he has passed, but Iíll never forget him, or that we won that first tourney.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since joining Eliters?

I canít really pick one; Iíve had a lot of times when the conversations had me in tears laughing at my desk.

What is the most embarrassing thing (that you can talk about of course).

Most of these involve typos, where a simple word becomes something you canít really say, or typing something you realize after you hit enter will be taken in another way. In real life it had something to do with a prom gown; Iíll leave the details to your imagination.

If you could be one person for a day, who would you be and why?

I donít know, Iíd like to be Mayor Daley here in Chicago, or Hillary Clinton in her public life. The reason is I would like to see what itís like to deal with all of the pressures of an elected official, and to feel like what I decide to do in a situation makes a difference in peoples lives.

You are given five minutes to evacuate your house, the kids and pets are safe - which three items would you grab?

Oh gee, I guess my purse because it has all of my junk in it, my favorite softball bat and the keys to my Firebird.

How do you pass the time on your drive to and from work?

Whenever I drive by myself I sing a lot...

Name your three favorite movies

The Wizard of Oz, Grease and City Of Angels.

Do you have any particular heroes?

If you mean those Iíd like to emulate, my Mom, My Grandpa and my Godfather, or celebrities itíd be Ozzie Guillen, because he brought my Sox a World Series.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Oh wow, hmmmm, I think a really big homemade margarita and a really greasy patty melt I made on the grill.

When I grow up I want to be just like...

Oh wow again, I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, but I really would like to be like my mom, sweet, loving and tough as nails. Or, you can pick one of the designers on HGTV.

Any last words for our readers?

Yeah, I have had and hopefully will continue to have a great time here. Sure there have been bumps in the road, but the fun and friendship top any little issue that may arise. All I want to say to everyone is keep on being yourselves, we have a great time and a lot of laughs. You guys are awesome!

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