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bdddy3183 Interviewed by: purcelin
 8/1/2010 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Rob
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Sex: M
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Surveillance Director
Languages Spoken: English

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Married for the past 17 years, I have one kid that we adopted which she recently graduated college last December. I was in the Marine Corps and served in Desert Shield / Storm. Upon getting out of the service we moved to Las Vegas and have been stuck here ever since.

What other interests or hobbies do you have (other than Eliters of course)?

I enjoy spending time with my wife, gambling and drinking. Living in Las Vegas you can't escape the urge to drink and gamble all your extra money away.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

I believe it was approximately 9 years ago when I joined. I remember I was playing cribbage when someone told me about Eliters. Once I was shown how to sign up I started playing as much as I could. Then a short time latter I started hosting.

How did you pick your Eliters' Name - does it have any special significance?

No special meaning whatsoever. I remember when I got my first computer the guy at the store said to pick a log in name like maybe your cat or dogs name. Well my cats name was Buddy but that name was taken so I choose bddy318 which later on it was changed to Bdddy3183 in order to play in pogo.

What makes Eliters special?

The variety of games, the friends you can make and high level of competition.

What games do you play? Are there any other games you would like to try?

I played and hosted in many Eliters leagues like Crib, Euchre, Bowling, Pool, Gin and Holdemp. I would like to learn and play more backgammon and pinochle.

What is your absolute favorite game - and who taught you to play?

Cribbage is my favorite and my mom taught me how to play when I was little. It was a way for me to learn math as well. I still try to get together with my Mom once or twice a year to play for a penny a hole.

Do you currently hold any position in Eliters? Is there any other particular position you might be interested in?

Iím currently the HA in Holdemp and loving it.

What is your proudest achievement in life?

Being a part of the Marine Corps and defending my country.

If you could offer one suggestion to improve Eliters, what would it be?

I would eliminate some of the monthly events that are being offered. I think we offer too many. Iím just happy if tourneys were always available to play in.

What is the most important thing for you in tournament play?

That my opponent has a good sense of humor.

If you had one wish what would it be?

That my wife was always healthy and pain free!

If you could use one sentence to describe the way you feel about Eliters, to a prospective new player, what would it be?

Eliters is a fun, fair and competitive league that will give you a lot of opportunities both in playing and if you want to become a member of the TD team.

What is the most memorable experience that you have had as a TD or a player, online or at a live event?

Meeting and making new friends. Iíve had the pleasure of knowing a lot of Eliters and have had the chance to meet some as well. Years ago I was fortunate enough to play in a live Eliters event in Las Vegas. Harold and Hazy were the hosts and it was lots of fun.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a player or TD?

I was caught discussing strategy during a tournament with my partner on Instant Messenger during the course of a tourney. The TD also instant message me and I replied back to him with hand strategy not realizing it was the TD and not my partner and yes I was fired as a TD back then.

If you could be one person for a day, who would you be and why?

I would like to be the president for one day and I would bring home as many troops as fighting wars in foreign lands as possible.

You are given five minutes to evacuate your house, the kids and pets are safe -

Well, I would have to take my wife of course, my computer and the beer in the fridge. Wait, I would have the wife carry the beer, so that way I could also grab something else.

How do you pass the time on your drive to and from work?

I listen to music. Luckily my drive isnít that far and lots of time itís full of on air commercials which I can't stand.

Name your three favorite movies:

I donít really have any favorites but I like all types of movies to include musicals.

Do you have any particular heroes?

My Dad will always be my hero. He was a great father figure and mentor.

Any last words for our readers?

Just enjoy yourself and remember this can all be taken away in a moment's notice - then where would we all play?

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