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rigelo2 Interviewed by: barry_89741
 8/30/2011 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Richard Lock
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Sex: M
Age: 65
Marital Status: Married 39 Years on Dec. 9, 2011
Profession: Trying to retire
Languages Spoken: English

Tell us a little bit about yourself - your hobbies; interests; passions in life.

I have always had a passion for helping kids. Coaching, training, teaching in mant areas. Baseball, football, hockey coach. Member of 4 different Youth Clubs. Cub Leader 5 years, Scout leader 4 years and trianed many Scouts for their Chief Scout designation. I love to do charity work to help those less fortunate than myself. My best effort was raising over $18,000 for Easter Seals in just 5 houurs. Legion work. Hobbies include golfing, darts, sports (not so much playing any more though) and my yard work.

What other interests or hobbies do you have (other than Eliters of course)?

Pretty much covered the gammit in the last question. But family is very important to me and tops any list.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

I was bowling one night and a young lady spammed the lobby for people to join her tourney. The intiguing part was the word "free" so I joined Eliters and have loved the experience since March 9. 2009. It turned the young lady was not as young as I thought. lol Sorry Marla (aka marlastrauss1)

How did you pick your Eliters' Name - does it have any special significance?

The spam said Eliters name had to be identical to Pogo name. Actually, it is the first 2 letters of my name - Richard George Lock

Tell us something unique or interesting about yourself that we are unlikely to know?

I am just an ordinary Joe who likes to do things for people to pick up their spirit and maybe enhance their life a little while I'm at it and hope they will do the same to the next person they meet.

What makes Eliters special?

Great people, great games, great FUB! especially. This is now my Mecca for relaxing.

What games do you play? Are there any other games you would like to give a try?

I think I have played all of them at least once. But three I play most are Bowlp, Holdemp and Euchp. Great games, people and fub.

What is your absolute favorite game - and who taught you to play?

Bowlp is without a doubt and was pretty much self taught with a few suggestions now and again from other players. I guess though I am the teacher now so some call me. :)

Do you currently hold any position in Eliters? Is there any particular position in which you might be interested?

I am currently HA since Jan. 2010 in Bowlp. I am always interested in a position if it affords me the chance to improve Eliters in some way.

What is your proudest achievement in life?

I have several actually. My marriage, birth of 2 sons, their marriage, birth of grandson and grand daughter and another on the way from my second son now(due in Jan.)

What is the most important thing for you in tournament play?

For players to have fub and want to play because they do just that - have FUB and a pleasurable gaming experience.

If you could offer one suggestion to improve Eliters; what would it be?

Get rid of the drama. Just play the games, have fub like we used to when I joined in March 2009.

If you had one wish; what would it be?

I wish for my mortgage to be paid off so I can retire and go back to what I enjoy most. Working with Charities and fund raising for them.

If you could use one sentence to describe the way you feel about Eliters to a prospective new player; what would it be?

If you like to play games, have fun and meet great people from around the world there is no better place than Eliters.

What is the most memorable experience that you have had as a TD or a player; online or at a live event?

I have many memorable experiences with Eliters but my most memorable has not happened yet. I expect that moment to be very soon as I hit 5,000 Tourneys hosted in Bowlp in less than 3 years.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since joining Eliters?

I made a typo one night saying "fun" and typed "fub" in error. Everyone thought this was so funny and ribbed me for a good 15 minutes about it. Since then there is no fun in Bowlp, only great FUB times.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a player or TD?

I made a bad call on a replay and it cost a very good bowler a High Roller Badge. I have regretted this error and wish I could do it over and Bowlp has since lost that regular player.

If you could be one person for a day; who would you be and why?

I would like to be ME. My life has been full. I have a great wife, kids, grand kids, friends and I would not not want to change anything for the sake of being someone else. Life is good and I hope will be for many more years.

You are given five minutes to evacuateyour house; the kids and pets are safe - which three items would you grab?

My wife, my computer and my calendars.(My brother does a family calendar every year for our family and I do for my wife's family. Lots of pics and the family history is there year by year)

How do you pass the time on your drive to and from work?

It is only 10-12 minute drive so there is not much time to pass. I guess I just think about how long before I get home(but only on the way to work)

Name your three favorite movies:

Bridge Over River Kwai, ET and Forrest Gump

Do you have any particular heroes?


What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Sweets. Since I am diabetic, this is a pleasure I should avoid but don't.

When I grow up I want to be just like:

This is a good question. Since I am already grown up (about 5 years ago :) ), I am not what I expected to be at 65. But I guess I would like to be like a happy retired old fart.

Any last words for our readers?

Life is good! Every day we faces challenges. With each challenge we have 2 choices. Choose to beat it or choose to lose to it. Only we can make that choice and we must never regret it. Just move on the next one and chose. If a problem confronts me, I ask "Will it kill me?" If the answer is no than it is not a problem but a bend in the road and a straight road lies ahead around the bend. Good Luck Eliters. ROCK!!! and ROLL!!! God Bless.

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