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nono_not_me_nl Interviewed by: LuckiestBrat
 6/29/2004 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Francis
Location: Yerseke, the Netherlands
Sex: F
Age: 45
Marital Status: Married
Profession: : I work with mentally challenged children who for some reason can't live at home anymore, crisis care
Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, German and some basic French

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How long have you been playing games online?

Since 1998 I think.

How much time do you spend online a week?

30-40 hours, I sure hope my hubby don't read this!

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

I was playing a game in Command Central where Chouettelady was hosting. I saw the spam, watched what was going on and joined the same day I believe.

When did you first become a Staff Member at Eliters?

I joined Sept 2001 and became a TD October 2001.

How does it feel to be the Most Tourneys Hosted record holder in Elite? Do you feel any pressure because of this achievement?

Lol, no not at all. Its not like I'm hosting to have most tourneys done or anything like that. I host because I love it, and I would be just as happy if I didnít have most tourneys hosted. I do what I do and give my best there and thatís it. I do think players and tds in giny know that.

Tell us about your career history at Eliters.

When I became TD we didnít have as many as now, so career wise it went speedy. Before 2001 was done I became AGL in the training group in Giny and started helping Abt out who was the GL in that group. When the training team was formed to train all over Eliters I joined that, from this I learned that it doesnít matter if you donít know a thing about the game youíre hosting, TDíing is same in any league. When the training team ended I became temporary TGL in Pinoy. I have no idea how that game is played except you have to do tricks and get married. After I trained someone to take over I left and became TGL in Giny.

What is it in your background that prepared you for all this? What skills have you developed that made this possible?

Do?t think anyone is really prepared for any of this but in my spare time I organized holiday weeks for children, when you can keep about 100 kids in line and happy for a week not much can shock you online anymore.

Skills, well I know how to use a computer, got both feet on the ground, donít panic, can be patient, use common sense and I donít give up. With the line of work I'm in you can say been there done that.

And what do you do, for Elite that makes use of all these skills?

I host tourneys and of course I train JrTD's. Training TD's can be real easy or you can get someone that it takes all I got to get them to host in the way that is Eliters.

Obviously from your career history in Eliters as part of the training team and your continued training in giny you enjoy training. What is it about training that you enjoy most?

To see a JrTD go from insecure to being a good and confident host for Eliters, to help and guide them throughout the difficulties TDs encounter and of course the friends I make along the way.

What leagues have you administered or been a TD in Elite?

Trained in canay, hearty, pinoy, wordracer and giny. giny is my home.

Do you administer any real-life competitions?

Gosh no, I donít do any sport as I already get tired looking at it.

What do you do in your time away from Elite?

We have our own business and I keep the books for that. Keep this house clean. Then my job, love to read, listen to music spent time with my family. And last but not least I do have a social life too, I donít live at computer always.

Tell us about what kind of business do you have?

Fishing mussels in the North Sea from Netherlands to Denmark. My hubby fishes them I keep the books. If I were to fish them mussels we wouldnít get 1 out of the water got no idea how or what, lol.

What makes Eliters different from the competition?

Before I joined Eliters, I played for a short time in a myleague, the waiting in tourneys and the begging for a game to get up on the ladder I didnít like that at all.

What would you tell a prospective member who is trying to choose between Eliters and other, similar leagues?

Are there any similar leagues then Eliters? Eliters stands out in the crowd, in what other league can you play 24/7 tourneys with the best?

Well, that certainly sums it up, any last words for our readers?

Brb donít do anything I wouldn't do Eliters!

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