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Gumshoe_Steve Interviewed by: LuckiestBrat
 8/3/2004 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Steve
Location: Portland, Oregon
Sex: M
Age: Old enough to know better
Marital Status: The question of the day ;-)
Profession: Private Investigator/Trial assistant
Languages Spoken: English

More about Gumshoe_Steve


How long have you been playing games online?

Over 6 years.

How much time do you spend online a week?

About 2 hours a day.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

Was playing Herbanana (Anna) in Case's and was told about this new and upcoming league!! I joined immediately.

When did you first become a Staff Member at Eliters?

I applied to be a TD about a month after I joined. About a year after that, I became VP Member Relations.

Tell us about your career history at Eliters.

It has been about 4 years now since I became a staffer with Eliters and have loved most every minute of it. Issa's dedication makes it easy for the rest of us :)

What is it in your background that prepared you for all this?

Most of my off line career has been in management and working with people, from the wealthiest in the region to those accused of capital murder, and everything in-between. Last year I continued my education to include dispute resolution and use that for the Courts as a mediator.

And what do you do, for Elite that makes use of all these skills?

The dispute resolution has been invaluable for my current position of VP Member Relations!! With over 32,000 members currently in Eliters, it is impossible to please everyone all the time. We go out of our way often to make this site an enjoyable one for the vast majority of members.

What leagues have you administered or been a TD in Elite?

BGY and a TD in each league.

Do you administer any real-life competitions?

Does my work with mediation of divorces count (smile)? None currently.

What do you do in your time away from Elite?

I like the serenity of the coast and spend as much time there as possible. I also enjoy visiting friends in Seattle, the mountains, golf, coaching little League baseball, and most any other outdoor activity.

What makes Eliters different from the competition?

There is no competition. Over the years, I have played in many leagues and Eliters is by far the most organized, player friendly, family-oriented league on the internet. From our President Issa, to each league admin, to the TD's, and members, this is the closest group of folks I have ever had the pleasure to "work" with. The entire staffs' professionalism amazes me daily.

What would you tell a prospective member who is trying to choose between Eliters and other, similar leagues?

This is not a league for everyone. If someone is looking to be a rank monger, not treat each and every member with respect, or looking for non-competitive leagues, to continue to look elsewhere. They should try other leagues out first and get a taste of what else is out there before playing Eliters because once they have played Eliters, they will never be "happy" anywhere else!!

Well, that certainly sums it up, any last words for our readers?

Eliters is not a perfect league, by any means, but it is heads and tails above the others I have played. Watching this league grow from about 25 members to over 32,000 has been remarkable. Issa and his systems team are constantly striving to make Eliters even better on a daily basis. Without the tireless efforts of each and every TD, league admin, and member, this league would not continue its remarkable growth. I am very proud to play a small part in it's success.

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