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jantrip12 Interviewed by: lisaleasah
 2/1/2005 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Jan
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sex: F
Age: 43
Marital Status: Single
Profession: mother, Eliters Administrator, oh yeah... typesetter too
Languages Spoken: English

More about jantrip12


Who is Jantrip12?

Me. Actually, just someone that lives each day the best way I can, to laugh and make people happy. (Dont get me mad though)

What happened to Jantrip11?

LOL...thats funny, I could say i grew up, but thats not true. the Jantrip12 was a name a friend of mine gave me when I first signed onto Online, back in 97. Suffice to say, i am left-handed and play darts, and if anyone knows that game, the board, .....you have any questions about that, ask me :)

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

My daughter, who was 14 at the time, was playing in pool in yahoo, and I came downstairs one day, saw this weird looking page, and said what is that? She then told me about this neat league, called Eliters. I just thought yeah okay, kids, and didnt think about it. I then was i pogo one night playing crib and saw a bunch of people laughing and talking in the lobby. I sat there for an hour or so, and then got the nerve to ask, signed up, and havent looked back. That was November of 2002.

When did you first become a Staff Member at Eliters.

I became a TD on January 10, 2003.

Tell us about your career history at Eliters

Became a JrTD in January, 2003, a TD i think about 2 weeks later, an AGL, by mid February, a GL by the end of March, AA of Cribp I think around mid to end of April/2003, and then became HA around April, 2004. I have only been a member of Cribp.

What is it in your background that prepared you for all this?

I am not sure you are ever actually prepared for this, but my background is publishing/newspaper and magazine. I am a typesetter by trade (okay i am showing my age, as that is a lost art now). I also have administrative, customer service, finance skills. A jack of all trades I suppose. A people person, even tempered, and an ability to listen to both sides of a story, before making any decisions.

What skills have you developed that made your work in Eliters possible?

To take a deep breath, see all sides of a situation, and think outside the box. Consistency is the key to all success .. Motivating people, and most of all, try to keep it fun and light for all players who come to play. After all, they are here to enjoy the game, meet and make new friends.

What leagues have you administered or been a TD in Elite?

No other leagues other then Cribp.

Do you administer any real-life competitions?

I have coached 5-pin bowling (Canadian sport for those who dont know), for 15 years, from the ages of 4-19 and also adults. I am currently involved in darts, (steel tip), which i have helped host tournies and real life competitions. In the past I was also involved in helping run weekend tournaments for both baseball and hockey (adults).

If you could be president of Eliters for a day, what would you imagine your day to be like?

hell :) I tip my hat off to Issa, how he does it I have no idea.

If you had an unlimited supply of YEPs, how would you spend them?

A dream come true that would be. I would spend them, supporting my team in Cribp and Eliters , and also by recruiting and advertising Eliters as a whole.

What game do you wish you could play better?

Crib ;) and also Backgammon.

What do you do in your time away from Elite (do you have any free time away)?

I play darts, for fun and competitiveness, i also love the outdoors, all sports, spending time with family and friends.

What three adjectives best describe you?

Friendly, loyal, and entertaining (thats my daughters word).

What is your pet peeve?

People that do not own up to their mistakes, gossipers, liars.

If time or money weren't a factor, what would you like to do more of in your life?

To travel more, have always wanted to see California, meet everyone here on Elite that has become like a family to me, and to help the underprivileged.

What makes Eliters different from the competition?

It is truly a family here, my extended family, from all walks of life. The competition is fair, the games and website is very user friendly, and its nice to see that people can connect and form a friendship over a game, whichever one you want to play. Also the diversity of games, and the fact that you can play anywhere and feel welcome.

What would you tell a prospective member who is trying to choose between Eliters and other, similar leagues?

To try us out, its free, and if they have any questions or concerns, to please let us know. That after all Eliters is the best....its a proven fact.

Well, that certainly sums it up, any last words for our readers?

That the day i signed up way back when, was probably the best thing i have done in a very long time. As I said, I have met some very dear friends that I will always have a friendship with, and that remember a game is just a game, win or lose, there is always next time. And the saying Eliters does it Best, is very true.

What's next?

To try and keep Cribp growing and rocking, and helping out in whatever capacity I can.

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