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darkwolf1966 Interviewed by: jantrip12
 5/1/2005 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Jeffery Caldwell
Location: Decatur, IN
Sex: M
Age: 38
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Freelance
Languages Spoken: English, I have a hard enough time with that

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How long have you been playing games online?

My, oh my, it's been well over 10 years.

How much time do you spend online a week?

Lately not as much as I would like, in the past I was always on but it averaged to about 25-35 hours a week. As my health is improving now I am spending more and more time with all my Eliters friends.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

Well one day I got tired of playing spades and went into a pinochle room even though at that time I hadnít played pinochle in a while. The first game I got into was with a very rude person and I ended up leaving the game.

I was watching the lobby and noticed that there was a league. In the past, I had tried some leagues and found them not to my liking, but just by the way they were joking and acting in the lobby I decided to give it a try.

From that first game was hooked on Eliters. As my 30 days neared a kindly old forest animal bought me a membership and ask only that when I could to pass on this favor and I have.

When did you first become an Eliter's Staff Member?

Well shortly after becoming a member I wanted to give something back to Eliters, and I had a lot of time on my hands, so a TD I became. I think that was around June 2002.

Tell us about your Staff History

Well I went from TD to AGL to GL to AA to HA of Pinoy for a while. I was HTD in Navy, and then I stepped down do to health problems, and became AA in Pinoy again. Then with more health issues, I finally had to step even further down to HTD in Pinoy.

I now am on the road to recovery and back to hosting as a GL and now AA in Hearty.

What is the one thing in your background that prepared you for all this?

Well in the real world I worked in the Human Resource Department as Health, Safety, Security and Training Coordinator, I handled all the training for health, safety and new hires for a plant of over 500 employees. I also had the extreme pleasure of working with the US Government OSHA regulations dealing with Safety.

What skills have you developed that made this possible?

Working with a problem or with unhappy people to alleviate a problem or concern they have. Working for the continued growth of a project and seeing it though to completion. And making sure every one has the skills and/or tools needed to do the best job that they can.

Ad what do you do, for Elite that makes us of all these skills?

Well I would hope I have contributed to the growth of the Pinochle and Hearts leagues.

I hope I have also brought a smile to someone's face every day.

Do you administer any real-life competitions?

Yes in the past but not in a while. I have been in charge of Bingo games, Euchre tournaments and other type games. But its been many a moon since those days.

What do you do in your time away from Elite?

Play video games, lol. ummmm Cook and eat, oh and drive chic crazy.

What makes Eliters different from the competition?

You know a lot of people say its the family atmosphere, the way every one treats you as if you are part of their family. But, the true thing that makes it different is the people at the top: Issa, Web, Steve, Bear, and all the rest, who every single day try to improve Eliters for the Players, TDs, and Admins. Without their great achievements and ongoing goals, Eliters could and would not be the great entity that it is.

What would you tell a prospective member who is trying to choose Eliters from another league?

Well frankly I would tell them there is no choice to make if they want to be a part of the best League on the net, then they need look no further then Eliters.

Well that certainly sums it up, any last words for our readers?

Yes I do in fact, in my time here I have met many many people and there is no way to express my sincere thanks to them all one at a time.

So now I would like to thank all the Eliters who have helped me, trained me, taught me, worked with me, and specially to all of you have prayed and wished me the best, as I face down my health problems. Thank you Eliters for being there for me.

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