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haha21051 Interviewed by: lisaleasah
 9/5/2005 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Heidi
Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs in Minnesota
Sex: F
Age: 36
Marital Status: Single... until June 2006
Profession: PartyLite candle consultant
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Turkish, Backgammonish, Eliterish

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I am an executive assistant in a tax department for a multi-national company by day. My "fun" job is selling PartyLite candles and accessories as an independent consultant. I love getting out and meeting new people.

When I grow up I want to do just what I am doing now. I don't believe in waiting till I grow up to do what I want to do. We have to work a LOT of years...I want to be happy in what I do and I can truly say that I do.

Where did you learn to speak Turkish?

I lived there for six months (Oct 2001 - March 2002) on assignment (thats why i came home after six months). I was volunteering with a food program and teaching computer software (mostly Microsoft Office) to adults and children in Izmir, Turkey. I also spent a lot of time learning the culture and language while i was there.

I even won the ELIC for criby and $100 cash when I played for Turkey!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I LOVE Chocolate and CANDLES - the more the better!

What TV show do you watch that you would never admit to?

I am guilty of watching an occassional "Elimi-date" late night when I need something to put me to sleep lol.

How do you pass the time on your drive to work?

I usually listen to the radio on my big 3.8 miles commute to work lol. I usually get in a song or two. i loveeeeeeeeeee to sing - i'll crank just about anything up that i know and sing it. (I get that from my mom.)

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

Bigjonnyuk introduced me to eliters cribbage back in May, 2001. I had never been in a league before. I saw Crimmy there, who I had known before Eliters. They made it all look so fun, so I gave it a try and the rest is history.

How long have you played games online? What games do you play?

Eliters is the only online gaming I've done. I pretty much play them all (8 Eliters Olympic medals to back that up ), and I like to play a variety. My favorite games to play are Backgammon, Cribbage, Euchre and Gin.

What positions have you held in Eliters and in which leagues?

I started as a TD in Criby and was a GL there also. I've been a GL in Bgy and Poolp and HTD in BGY and Pinoy. I was also the Events Director for Eliters (twice).

Your name is listed in the Hall of Fame for several big things! What all have you won?

Eliters Trophies: 1
Olympics medals: 8
Division Champs: 2
Tournament Of Champions: 3
Marathon Day Champion: 1
BOS Champion: 3
Decathlon Champion: yet to come

What is the most memorable experience that you have had as a TD and/or as a player?

It would have to be April 14, 2002 when I met Treeball55109 (Donavan) while we were both hosting cribbage tournaments. We chatted online and on the telephone for a week and then met in person. We've dated ever since and just recently got engaged at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. Now, we're wedding planning and looking at the next stage in our lives together. Without Eliters, I may have missed out on the most incredible man I've ever met. I can't wait to marry him (June 10, 2006).

How do you feel about an Eliters Live Event at your wedding reception? :)

If we can charge a fee I'm all for it lol. (Can you imagine 30000+ people all crowded into the reception hall?)

Will you make Donavan sign a prenup or will he get half of your YEPs as community property?

As far as my yeps go, he has been asking for them for three years now. He always gets the same response, "When he is down below 25 and wants to register in a tourney, I'll get him a silver. Until then he's on his own - he has more than me anyway"

Where did you get your Eliters ID? Does it hold special meaning for you?

My Eliters ID is basically my initials (Heidi Ann is my first and middle name and my last name starts with A also). 2105 are for birthdays (mine is the 21st of March - gifts welcome ). The 05 is for the birthday of a crush in High School (that tells you how old this ID is!)

Will you change your ID to take Donavan's last name after the wedding? Haha2105_ball?

lmao .... I'll have to change the 2105 to 2122 (his bday is sept 22). (You heard it here first! Heidi will have a new ID next June!)

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about Eliters? What makes it different from other leagues?

The people are bar none. I've met many in person and it had been truly an honor. The leadership in Eliters is exceedingly exceptional on both a technical/professional level and on a personal level. I'm grateful to know so many.

What do you do for fun when you're not hosting or playing (or causing trouble for your wonderful HA!)?

Well right now I am busy wedding planning. Aside from that, Donavan and I love to spend time with our 8 nieces and nephews. We love to take them to the Mall of America, Chuck E. Cheese, the park, and wherever else we want to go. We love to go the movies and out for dinner. I love to walk, counted cross-stich, spend time with family and friends and host PartyLite Candle Shows (IM me to know more ). Donavan and I both LOVE CANDLES!

Any last words for our readers?

Don't get caught up with all that goes on online. Have fun, be true to your real friends and dont' sweat the small stuff. Play hard and have fun hard - Life is too short to spend it complaining, stressing and worrying.

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