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md3harris Interviewed by: bear_music
 11/1/2002 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Michael Don Harris
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Sex: M
Age: 33
Marital Status: single and looking Ö
Profession: Iím an apprentice plumber now, but Iíve been a computer tech, a machinist, a bum, and a pain in the butt to every employer Iíve ever had.
Languages Spoken:

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Doc, you hold the singular distinction of being Elit?s only 3-time Olympic Gold medallist, so it seemed fitting that you be the subject of our first Elite Player interview. It is our pleasure to engage in this online interview, to be featured in an upcoming issue of the Eliters Newsletter.


Hey doc.. Are you really a doctor and if so, what kind of doctor?

Well, no Iím not. I tried fighting being called ďdocĒ for a long time but eventually I gave in. Then I tried telling someone I was a guynocologist and card chik (love her!) told me I misspelled it, lmao. I still occasionally tell people Iím an obgyn. Its just fun. I love to have a good time.

You obviously play a lot of games well. How did this come about?

I grew up playing games of all kinds with whoever would teach me. Learned dominoes from grandparents, spades from friends, gin from the nicest old man I ever met (in jail).

How long have you played online?

Iíve played games online for about 5 years now, what a great escape! I actually started gaming online for something to do to keep me from being bored out of my mind when I quit drinking May 5th, 1997. I firmly believe without elite and AA Iíd be in prison or dead.

Youíve obviously played games your whole life, in ďreal lifeĒ. Do you still do that now that youíve found online gaming?

Gin, dominoes, spades are about the only elite games Iíve played in real life. The others I learned from the great teachers of elite.

Do you use any software to practice and improve your skills?

I actually used a program called jellyfish to try to improve my very sad backgammon skills. The program beat me just as bad as everyone in elite did. Iíve pretty much given up BG except for during the Olympics (dice hate me!)

What is your preferred playsite? And why?

Yahoo all the way. Itís the most social site I have found, I love it.

How did you learn about EliteLeague? And when did you join?

I found elite just hanging out in a gin lobby talking trash, lol. You told me to put my money where my mouth was and get in a tourney. I won the tourney and was hooked. That was a long time agoÖ. Donít have a clue how long.

In your opinion, what makes EliteLeague different from other Leagues?

Think the staff has answered that well enough. Elite Rocks!!

If you are willing to share any strategies you have developed or subscribe to in your game, tell us about them.

I posted my top 3 gin tips in the clubs eons go. Hereís the link or you can just search for ďtipĒ in the gin club.

How did you manage to win 3 Olympics?

I love the Olympics. Was one of my many great ideas, lolÖ ok, some other ppl had the idea too I think. Anyways, just wanted to win it 1 time. Then you won a second and Iím never to be outdone, lol, least of all by you. The back-to-back win Iím really proud of. Thereís a lot of great competition in elite and it was no easy feat. I got real luckyÖ I almost let crimmy past me in the first one and stole the second from zgirlÖ very lucky! Won both by 1 pt.

Any last word to our readers?

Come out and play in the Olympics. Nothing quite like it. You get to know a great core of players in elite.

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