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rick_usmc_ret Interviewed by: purcelin
 11/3/2007 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Rick
Location: Northeastern, Wisconsin
Sex: M
Age: 54
Marital Status: Married- will be married 36 yrs Nov. 6th the lucky woman
Profession: Retired, U.S. Marine Corps
Languages Spoken: English and some Vietnamese you don't wanna know the words though,and used to speak Japanese. I spent almost 5 yrs in Asia.

More about rick_usmc_ret


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm really a shy guy who likes to have fun and joke a lot. I spend most of my time in the woods with my 2 sons and grandchildren hunting and fishing. I served in the United States Marine corp for 22 yrs and did 2 tours of duty in Viet Nam where I hit a land mine.

I'd like to salute all of our troops that are serving and that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan or any war that we've been involved in. I'd also like to say to the Viet Nam vets "Welcome Home" and take my hat off to all the branches of the military (but the Marines are the best - lol had to say that) !!! I could go on and on about the military, but I'll be nice and end this portion by saying God bless all the veterans and those still serving.

What do you like to do away from the computer?

I hunt! Yes I shoot bambi, his mother and father too and I eat them too.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

I was in the lobby and wanted to play in a pards game in crib. Criminally_insaneus and sun_shine_alaska told me to join Eliters if I wanted to play. The rest is history

How did you pick your Eliters' Name? Is this your one and only?

It's the same name I always had except I used the_mad_booter for a while but it got me in some trouble since I figured I had to live up to my name.

What is your preferred play site? and Why?

Yahoo especially Criby. I don't like change (lol) and the people here on this site are the best in my opinion.

What made you keep coming back to Eliters?

Fear - I was threatened if i didn't (lol). Honestly again, because of the great people. I have made some real good friends purce, og, crimm, the mad dog, kris, sos just to name a few - even dino even though he's a vikings fan (lol).

How long have you played games online?

Since 1997.

What games do you play? And what is your favorite game and why?

Crib mostly because I'm dedicated, believe me. I also play doms, pool and some gin but the crib magnet keeps pulling me back.

Have you learned any new games since being a part of Eliters?

Crim taught me how to play doms and gin but said she won't teach me how to play pino . She's probably afraid I'll beat her lmao.

What positions have you held in Eliters and is there anything that you haven't done that you would like to do in the future?

Is player a position cuz that's the only one I've held. I don't think admin could handle me as a TD. Yup, I'd like to boot the big guy just once (j/k).

Who is the one person that you can say has helped you the most here?

I can't say only one person helped me - everyone in Eliters is a great help (did I cover my a-- on that one lol?)

In your opinion, what makes Eliters different from other leagues?

You mean there are other leagues out there? We're the best!

What in your opinion is the best thing about Eliters?

The td's are great. I couldn't honestly do their job and take some of the stuff they put up with.

If you had one wish what would it be?

That all of our troops could make it home safely. Both my sons served in Iraq and one was wounded while serving with the 101st airborne.

If you could only use one sentence to describe the way you feel about Eliters, to a prospective new player, what would it be?

Join the best league on the internet and have fun with the greatest people.

What is the most memorable experience that you have had as a TD or a player, online or at a live event.

Winning a special tourney for my dear friend purce's mother's memory.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since joining Eliters.

Hard to say, we have so many laughs all the time.

The most embarrassing thing, that you can talk about of course

When I asked purce a question about South Africa and the British - but it was the start of a great friendship and I know a lot more about the country's history.

If you could be one person for a day, who would you be and why?

I guess i'd have to say I am one person and I'm happy to be me - I wouldn't want anyone else's problems. Can I answer this one that way?

You are stranded on a deserted island, no internet, no phone, no TV, walking along the beach, you come across...

the biggest buck i've ever seen cuz i never go anywhere without my weapon lol

How do you pass the time on your drive to and from work?

Looking for deer. BTW - I don't drive to or from work i'm retired lol.

What is your favorite book/author?

When the Lion Feeds by Wilbur Smith and North American Hunter.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

None! If I felt guilty about it, it wouldn't be a pleasure.

When I grow up I want to be just like:

my grandfather he was a great man and my mentor

Any last words for our readers?

Pray for our troops and live everyday like it was your last. In other words don't be so serious - have fun the outcome is the same - you're not leaving this earth alive

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