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abt_masters Interviewed by: LuckiestBrat
 12/29/2003 Newsletter - What's Up Eliters! - Stories

Real Name: Bob
Location: Midwest, USA
Sex: M
Age: 50
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Materials Management
Languages Spoken: English, Typonese

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How long have you been playing games online?

5-6 years.

How much time do you spend online a week?

Generally at least 15-20 hours.

How did you learn about Eliters and when did you join?

I was originally in the myleague way back when… according to the pioneer records it was 4/17/2000.

When did you first become a Staff Member at Eliters?

I started as a TD over three years in August 2000 soon after the league began expanding and Bear and Lynn could talk me into it.

Wow, you needed to be talked into doing this?

Well, at the time I had a lot of things going on, and didn't feel I could put the time into it that I felt it would require. But I was convinced that if I could just do 2 tourneys a week that would be a big help to all. So I said ok I think I can and at first that was all I was able to do, but as time went on 2 a week has turned into almost 1300.

What was your reason for being reluctant and can you suggest why someone who wants to TD but is reluctant should give it a try?

You bet. 2 things are important.
1. Every little bit helps the league and the active tds continue. Burn out is something that always has to be watched, and every break a TD gets helps reduce that feeling.

2. If for no other reason, being a TD gives an opportunity to see Eliters from a different perspective such as to see what goes on behind the scenes and to see what it actually takes to get all these tourneys operating. In addition, by looking at things from the other side of the fence new ideas may pop up that would never be thought of any other way.

Tell us about your career history at Eliters.

I started out as a player a number of years ago when elite was a myleague in cases… I have spent my staff time in gin from TD in cases to TGL and AA in the current Eliters.

What is it in your background that prepared you for all this? What skills have you developed that made this possible?

I have been involved in competitions for a long time, both as a competitor and administrator at various levels. From umpiring little league games to running bowling tournaments… and in many cases dealing with “adults” is far more difficult than kids… When things run smoothly there are no issues and anyone can do it… when a problem arises a TD needs to be able to listen, watch, gather as much information as possible, remain neutral and unemotional, realize there are least two sides and two perspectives on every issue… be willing to take what they know and make the best decision possible at the time. Additionally, a key element of success, regardless of the circumstances, is to be able to treat each member with the respect they deserve… this one element will go miles in reducing or eliminating the friction between parties.

And what do you do, for Elite that makes use of all these skills?

Hmmm… well, when TDing or Admining… I try to practice what I mentioned in the earlier question… difficult at times, and I am sure unsuccessful on occasion… And as everyone I am sure is aware of, I am not adverse to picking apart any new idea that is presented… might even take both sides of a debate if I think both sides have merit... I try to get people to think ideas through completely, or think about them at all… I am not unwilling to speak for those that come to me and don’t agree with an idea, whether I agree with their position or not, simply because I think they should be heard… and some are either unwilling or in a position to be politically unable to speak.

What leagues have you administered or been a TD in Elite?

I have spent all my official time in giny, but as an old-timer I am always available to anyone looking for advice, lol and I am not unwilling to sometimes offer it unsolicited.

What do you do in your time away from Elite?

hmmmmm… work.. I am involved in the Boy Scouts in our area.. hunt, fish, camp, bowl, golf, run domestic taxi service, sleep.. no skip that ..

Hunting, Fishing and Camping all sound adventurous, what has been your most exciting experience with these?

Probably being flown into Alaska with my Brother in law then dropped off in the middle of nowhere for 4 days. And while there being surrounded by dozens of caribou, just looking at me. I'm sure they never saw any other person before, while my bro in law sat on another hill and laughed like hell.

Oh My Goodness, what did you do to deserve that??

Ahhh, we had just been hiking around and he could see them from where he was but there was a ravine in front of me.. I couldn't see them coming... then just all these big antlers coming over the top of the hill and there is nothing out there but a small bush here and there. Sooooooo I just stood there and they stopped and looked and then wandered along the way they were going.

What makes Eliters different from the competition?

I think most people involved in the league really care about what goes on, not only with the league itself, but the “people” behind the various ID’s. Eliters carry themselves with a certain “class” that is not found in most leagues, and quite honestly does not meet the needs of every player out there.

What would you tell a prospective member who is trying to choose

To try us, join, come play, see for themselves the difference not only in the game offerings but more importantly the people offerings.

Well, that certainly sums it up, any last words for our readers?

Gosh, this is done already. I was just getting warmed up. Seriously though, have fun, play nice, being right is not always the best answer, be fair, be compassionate, enjoy life...

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