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hookster123456 Prepared by: jantrip12
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Real Name: Kennis Went
Location: NA
Sex: Male
Age: 49 (7/23/1957 - 1/3/2006)
Marital Status: Married

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It is with terrible sadness that I have to tell you all that Kennis (Hookster) died this morning. (January 3, 2006) I don't have details when services will be. I am sure I will know more soon. Please take a few moments and pray for his family.

Kennis, I am glad that you are finally at rest and not in pain. I will miss you so much. You have been so special to me. I have learned so much from you, especailly to appreciate the little things in life. I am a much better person because of you. I know you are with your dad and your brother, playing your guitar and listening to good music. Thanks for letting me into your heart and your life.



Kennis was 1 of both mine and ad`s longest friends on here, he will be very sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

He was a great person, a very tough competitor and the very best friend anyone could wish for.

His family are all within our thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.

gail and baz


With heavy heart Lynn may I offer the following for the 3rd time in this very new year ...

Some times in life there are just no words. Perhaps these ones however, penned by another will help in even the smallest way.

Weep not for me
now that I have passed.
Remember the laughter, the affection, the joy
not just the recent tears.
Cherish the memories, our hopes and dreams.
Hold fast to the love that we shared.
Be happy with the time we spent together
and being anew.
For I am not really gone,
I am closer than ever before.
As the morning sun rises
and throughout the busy day...I am with you.
Until the setting sun disappears on the horizon
and we watch the day turn into night...I am here.
You may feel a faint breeze stir round your head, while you slumber
as I gently kiss your forehead, "Good night."
The stars that shine so brightly in my heavenly sky
help me watch over you and keep you from harm.
I am the wind in the trees
and the song of a bird.
I am moonbeams in a midnight sky
and a glorious rainbow after the storm.
I am morning dew
and freshly-fallen snow.
I am a butterfly flying overhead
and a puppy happily at play.
I am a smile on a stranger's face
a gentle touch
a warm embrace.
Listen to the wind for my message of love.
Watch the sun rise and set in the sky with me.
Feel my essence encircle you with warm memories.
Open your heart to know...I am not gone.
Reach deep into your soul...You will find me.
I am here.
Have no fear.
I am with you,

With love and prayers,
Satincoveralls (Codie)

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Tribute from Newsletter

On January 3, 2006 Kennis (Hookster) passed away. As word got around Eliters, it was touching to see the outpouring of love that came from his fellow players, opponents and most of all friends. We asked lyndsayjo150, who was a dear friend of Kennis to tell us a little about him.

How can you explain that someone you have never met can become such an important part of your life? It is so mysterious, this connection we can feel with someone who lives hundreds of miles away. Someone you probably never would have met, except for the internet.

I met Kennis in Euchre after I had joined Eliters. I was new and he was someone who was willing to partner with a newbie. At first, I was intimidated by his risky playing and worried that he would resent my average, at best, playing ability. He never did.

Instead he taught me how to play Gin too and became my Partner. That was the way Kennis was, generous with his time, patience, and mostly his friendship.

Over the years I have known Kennis, I was constantly amazed by him. He had so many talents and interests. He was an avid golfer, one of the best at his club. He not only loved the golfing, he had made some very close friends there, appointing himself as sort of caretaker for some of the more elderly golfers.

He also had a great sense of style. His house was so creatively painted and he always dressed a mannequin, Miss Lilly to match the seasons. He loved to garden in his yard. We even had a race this past summer to see who could grow the biggest tomato. He won.

Kennis was also a skilled carpenter who did a beautiful job redoing his home and crafting gorgeous wood floors, walls, and cabinets.. Most importantly, Kennis was a loving husband and father. His grandchildren, Blakey, Corbin, and Emma meant the world to him. Another grandbaby is due to be born on January 6th. I am sure he will watch over his daughter during the birth.

I guess the thing I want everyone to know most about Keniis is about his incredible spirit. He was such a giving and caring person. Something he personally taught me was to appreciate the little things in life Ė to notice the tree outside, look at the stars, or to marvel at the bunnies in the backyard.

When he got sick, he was determined not to let it get the best of him. He had a such a positive attitude. He was so adamant that he re-sided his house and built a shed while he was undergoing chemo and radiation.

He always had a positive attitude saying he would feel better in a little while or tomorrow will be better. I hope that I too can be that positive about everything I encounter throughout life.

When Kennis was very sick and sleeping most of the time, he told me that he would wake up and find himself typing. He would dream of being on the computer, typing to his friends here and playing cards with us all.

He missed his Eliter friends so much, but he knew we were all praying for him and thinking about him. He was thinking and praying for all of us as well. I think this gave him a sense of peace.

I donít know how to do justice to Kennis here. I donít know how to really tell how remarkable he was. He was caring and loving, curious, creative, fun-loving, sensitive, child-like, forgiving, optimistic, and so much more.

He will be in my heart forever as I am sure he will be for many here.

God Bless You Kennis ... thank you for all you have given to me.


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