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rey910 Prepared by: purcelin
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Real Name: Micheal Reynolds
Location: Algonac, MI
Sex: Male
Age: 63 (9/10/1946 - 6/25/2009)
Marital Status: Divorced

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Memories of Rey910


Mike Reynolds
age 62 of Algonac MI, died Thursday June 25, 2009 in his home.  He was born September 10, 1946 in St. Clair MI.

Survived by his children; Mitchell, Michelle, Kyle, Aaron and Katelin, grandson; DeJean DeWitt, siblings; Fred, Bob, Steve, Marilyn Holsbeke, and Carol Brockmiller

Gilbert Funeral Home Algonac

It is with a sad heart that I am letting you all know that after reading a couple of online obituaries, it seems that our dear friend Rey910 has passed away on June 25, 2009.

Through CribY and a few clubs that Rey and I posted in, we became friends, we played together, we laughed together, and now we are all crying together. God allowed him to touch our hearts and to be a part of my life, and he will be sorely missed. - wonagametwice  

This is really very sad; I always played with Rey; he was a true gentleman, a very loyal Eliter, and a tough opponent, I will really miss him. - balouza

This world has lost a great person and will be missed by many but Heaven has gained an Angel. Mike Reynolds (1946-2009) RIP My Friend - Gumshoe_Steve


I was worried that something had happened,hadn't seen him in political clubs since I got outa hospital.All I have to say is Eliters and the world has taken another hit as far as classy,helpful and loving people go..............as they say-only the good die young.....................LOVE YOU MIKE BRO and R.I.P.-pain free at last.........you'll never b forgotten bro  notastalkerorliar 

ah, no way!! always an awesome person to talk to, very friendly, always talked to everyone in the giny lobby. he'll definitely be missed. R.I.P. eric200512401  

What a shock to find this out. Rey was a good friend and was one of the first people to speak to me when i joined Eliters. He helped me out many a time when my computer was broken and always was smiling when he came into CribY and played some games. You will be sorely missed my friend. I know you will be looking down and watching us over in the intermediate lobby. RIP buddy. Condolences to your family.
Barry and all of CribY -

OMG I'm so sorry to hear about Rey's passing. I always enjoyed reading his posts in the Computer Group club. He was very helpful and even posted that if anyone needed computer help to send him an IM and he would be glad to help. May you rest in peace Rey. Eliters will miss you. - agent86_04  


More Memories of Rey910

Thank you for sharing with me. Rey was a great guy and we will all miss him greatly. He was there for me a couple of times when Dad died and I felt close to him for some reason. He was always gracious when playing and we had some great debates in political club.

I have to ask you something though. Do you ever get just flat out saddened by the pain and losses that Eliters go through? So many illness's, death's, accidents, family horrors. etc. I swear sometimes its just too much for me. Maybe because I am still dealing with my own emotions from having lost both my parents in the last couple of years. I dont know, sometimes its just depressing to read clubs and while you want to address all the prayer requests, you just feel that it does no good, that nothing is ever going to stop the bad things that happen to people; so why even try. The larger your circle of friends online or in person, the more sadness there is to share I guess is what I am trying to say. Right now, I am really sad about Reys passing, but I am also glad he is out of pain. Every day was a challenge for him, getting in and out of his wheelchair was tortuous for him. Just ordinary things like going to the bathroom required thought and planning.

I just hope his family celebrates his life and not his death and that they find the joy within them that Rey shared with all he came in contact with. - crittermilker

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