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drncan2 Prepared by: lisaleasah
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Real Name: Daniel Neilson
Location: Michigan, USA
Sex: Male
Age: 55 (10/5/1950 - 9/20/2005)
Marital Status: Widower

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Remembering Dan (drncan2) - BGY

On September 19, 2005, Dan (drncan2), passed away after a lenghty illness leaving behind two young sons. The outpouring of love and admiration that Eliters have expressed in the Backgammon Yahoo Clubs, is why this League is truly family. Not knowing Dan personally, I asked one of his closest friends, Jody (privacy2003) to let us all know who Dan was, and what he stood for.

Dan was the best friend you could ever want in your life. Even when he was sick, he rarely complained instead asking how your day was going. I truly will miss our daily phone talks, messenger talks and playing in eliters. Eliters will never be the same without him. Dan was a faithful player to BGY. He played everynight for the past few years, and even played when it was Cases.

He touched many people in many ways with his kindness, caring, and honesty. He could always make you laugh. Dan was a well respected player in BGY, and always showed his respect for the player and game he was about to play. Sometimes he would just come in the lobby to make us smile while we hosted.

Dan was a foster parent, and helped alot of children. At the time of his passing he had two of his own children living with him - Michael age 7 and Christopher age 17.

For his career, he did many things. When he was in university he studied Ministry - but then decided against that. He did do many other things though, including once owning an ice cream stand, being a painter for a long time - but his greatest "job" was that of his band. Dan had played in a band for years.

I have a picture taken of Dan shortly before he became ill with cancer 4 yrs ago. He truly looks like a country star, with the black and white picture of him standing in an old abandoned barn, tall and muscular he was, and had a guitar over his shoulder. It is a beautiful picture.

Dan was an amazing person, and had a rough last few years. With the cancer 4 years ago, then his wife passing 3 years ago, leaving him to raise 2 boys on his own aged 14 and 4, then to his heart problems. But he never complained about any of that or was ever bitter. He made the most of everything that was dealt to him.

After Dan had the cancer, he was put on disability (I think in the usa is called social security), and could no longer work, but he couldn't just sit still, so he took on the job of delivering newspapers. He would do this everyday with his littlest son Michael, and this would be their time together to talk about anything on their minds.

Dan was very loved by all of his customers, and sometimes he would write little poems or sayings and attach it to their paper - to make them smile. When he was in the hospital the last time for 3 weeks, there were many of his "customers" that would call to see how he was, and gave him so gifts when he returned - as I said, he was loved by everyone.

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From Corporate, Admin and players all over, our thoughts are with his family at this time.

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