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noitseuqemksa Prepared by: lisaleasah1
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Real Name: Thomas Nielsen
Location: USA
Sex: Male
Age: 22 (7/1/1982 - 1/21/2004)
Marital Status: Single

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Memories of TJ

In Memory of You - Thomas “TJ” Nielsen (Askmequestion)
July 1, 1982 – Dec 14, 1004

I find an old photograph
and see your smile.
As I feel your presence anew,
I am filled with warmth
and my heart remembers love.

I read an old card
sent many years ago
during a time of turmoil and confusion.
The soothing words written then
still caress my spirit
and bring me peace.

I remember who you used to be
the laughter we shared
and wonder what you have become.
Where are you now,
Where did you go,
When the body is left behind
and the spirit is released to fly?

Perhaps you are the morning bird
singing joyfully at sunrise,
or the butterfly that dances
so carelessly on the breeze
or the rainbow of colors
that brightens a stormy sky
or the fingers of afternoon mist
delicately reaching over the mountains
or the final few rays of the setting sun
lighting up the skies
edging the clouds with a magical glow.

I miss your being
but I feel your presence,
In whatever form you choose to take,
however you now choose to be.

Your spirit has become for me
a guardian angel on high
guiding, advising, and watching over me.

I remember you.
You are with me
and I am not afraid.

© 1996 Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS. All rights reserved

Contributed by your friend Moodyrblue


I am deeply sorry to announce that TJ, (Eliters names Askmequestion and Noitseuqemksa) passed away unexpectedly last December 14th at the age of 22.

TJ was a huge asset to Eliters in many ways: TD, Newsletter editor, HA, SFTD and I'm sure many other thins - he wore many hats. Regardless of which role at Eliters he may have been in, he was always a friend - online and offline. TJ was a lot of fun to be around, had a good heart, and was a sincere person. Donavan and I loved getting together with you at Perkins to play cribbage and chat. You will never be fogotten.

I miss you my friend,

Heidi (haha2105)

TJ was a great friend who will be deeply missed. I was hoping it was someone cruel joke when I was told about it. But unfortunately Heidi found out it was true.

There were times he would just call to talk because he was bored at work. He was the one that got me playing Cribbage and Euchre. We learned Pinochle together (although he was terrible at it. lol). We had some great times together playing in Elite.

TJ, you will always be in my thoughts and I will miss you.

Jo (MoodyrBlue)

This is a shock to me and many of you Eliters I know. Sir Noitster aka TJ was a challenging player, good TD and great friend to many. I have always remembered a poem that we used to have posted at the firehouse when a young life was tragically taken and always read it to give myself some peace.


For a short moment, you entered my life. And while that moment was short, it brought about many changes.
For a short moment, I tried so hard. And although it was chaos, you were my only concern.
For a short moment, I had you in my hands. And still you slipped away, and only God understands.
For a short moment, you were in this world. And it seems that time was cut too short, but there is a master plan for everyone.
For a short moment, we are all here. And we never know when our time will come, to be with God, and look from Heaven on everyone.
For a short moment, you entered my world. But now you have gone to be with God, and nothing can ever hurt you again.
For a short moment, we never know. But it helps knowing that its for a reason, and that one day, I will see you again.
For a short moment, there was nothing I could do. And I am sorry. God was ready to have one of his sweet children home, and it was his plan, to have you beside him now.
For a short moment, we will not understand. Because our physical hurts, will seem more than we can stand. For a short moment, you entered my life. And I will never forget you, nor the difference you made. Because you changed my life, and the outlook I have. I have learned to cherish every moment given to us, because we never know when it will be our last chance to.

P.S. TJ if you are ever in a Euchy game against the Holy Father, and you think he's gonna call a loner, my advice is to let him and so he will not hold the 2 point sacrifice against you.

Nuke (nukemeuchem)

I was in shock... I denied, I cried, asked why him? I was mad at myself not noticing he's in pain... I only thought he had ordinal cold...

He was my best friend in Elite, ever since I joined Eliters. He brought me so much joy and fun... even when I had a bad day he made me smile.

I was so glad to see so many Eliters showed up for him in Sara's tourney, some of them didn't even know how to play euchre? That's sounds like TJ's spirit!! He tried to start Bridge league without knowing how to play it.

I am going to say good bye to my friend TJ by hosting his favorite high stake tourney - as many knew TJ loved high stake tourneys.

TJ, you touched many hearts. Your spirit lives in Eliters!! Love you.

lynx (lynx0977)


I had no idea TJ was ill. I too have known him since I began in Eliters. I feel badly in not knowing of his situation. I did not know about Kennis or Scott either.

Please friends, don't hold out on us. Let us know when you are in pain, suffering... no matter to what degree. As I stated before, and I REALLY MEAN THIS: I consider you all family and I want to know when I can help in any way. Not only in spirit but in my words, prayers, and conversations with you. I would like the opportunity to be here for you... when you most need someone to listen.


Carly (LuVinKissess)

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