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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 10
December 2003
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The Lonely Hours...

The clock strikes 2
As I lay awake in my bed,
My eyes wide open
Thoughts running through my head.

I toss, I turn
Still I can't sleep
Poking my head under the blanket
I look out to peep.

My monitor has a message
"Tourneys up come n play"
I hear their cry
Their crying for Jay
(Will this hero save the day, read on)

I feel the cold air
As I climb out of bed
Stumble over to my PC
I look like the living dead!

I sit on my chair
As I load up the game.
Then head to a practice table
To re-correct my aim.

"Start time :00,Pairs r up,"
"Any 1 MIA? and GL 2 all!"
I hear creaking outside my room
Is my mom outside my bedroom wall.

Off goes the monitor
Into the dark I go.
Mom: Jay are you on that game.
I lie n say no. >:-)

The tourney page up..
Game 1,most of us get byes
Oh great,another 10 mins
Fighting my sleepy eyes!

Ahh round 2 is up
Mikey vs Jay
Oh no thats not good.
What a start to the new day!!

"Hi n gl mikey" I kindly say
He breaks, hits 2 in
I don't believe his luck
"Mikey ur a lucky...thing"

Pheww mikey has missed
Finally..its my shot
I shoot..2 In 1!
"Haha Mikey,now whose hot!"

Down to the eight ball
The end is in sight
If he beats me,oh well
Good for him,no need to fight.

Yesss he missed the eight
GG Mikey very nice try
As I leave the game table
Mikey starts to cry.

As I comfort him n tell him
It was close and he shot great
But when it came down to it
I showed more skill on the eight.

WTG Jay TYFP mikey
The finals are up Jay vs Jay,
Uh oh, this is what I feared
I had waited for this day.

Jay runs me from the break
On the eight now. will it drop
I close my eyes, I can't watch
I pray the ball will stop.

Argh,I lost, JaySkater85 wins
"Congrats and GG!" I say
Lost tyft I report in lobby
Wtg Jay and great runner up to Jay


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