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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 100
June 2011
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People Updates

  • Prayers for Golfinmimi4 (Pam) Please. She recently had a small fall down some stairs which resulted in her requiring surgery. She is now home but has 7 screws and 1 plate in one ankle and a bad sprain on the other. This means no motorbike riding for her for a bit and has also means her family holiday has had to be put on hold. Prayers also out to her hubby Mike who is working from home and looking after her !! ( hopefully she is a good patient ! )
    We all wish her a speedy recovery

  • This was left in the criby club by sfteachin (Gene)... I am now officially on the liver transplant list however there is a twice as many folks waiting for one than there are available donors so please encouage there being a donor in case the worst happens. Please keep Gene in your prayers that a donor organ becomes available soon for him.

  • More prayers please for Wanted1td (Mike). He has suffered from Hunters diesease since he was young and day to day life is difficult. Hunters diesease is caused by the lack of an enzyme to break down the elements in his body. Well by the time this newsletter is published, he should have started his new treatment which he hopes will help him.
    Good luck Mike and please let us know how you are getting on.

  • Congratulations to Brian (n34express)and his wife on the birth of a bouncing baby boy. Both mother and baby are doing just fine. We wish the growing family ongoing health and happiness, and as much sleep as they can get.

  • I normally dont put my personal life on here , but Right at this time My family needs your prayers. A while back my great aunt (who I am Close too,) was diagnoised with lung cancer, She had radiation treatments to see if it would stop it and prolong her life some, because she was not able to have surgery because her heart was not strong enough, well last night she was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was found out that she has pnuemonia and was dehydrated, we didnt think she was going to make it, they released her today. she was doing so much better, when she got home a couple hours later, she started going back down again.I found out through my cousin(her daughter) she has stage 4 cancer now. and she started feeling like she did last night, there is nothing more they can do for her and she can go at any time , so please keep me and my family in prayer
    Thank You
    adesawaya1 (jen)

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