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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 102
August 2011
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What is EDS ?

The main reason we have instituted Divisional play, through the Eliters Division System (EDS), is to provide a new “playground” for a significant player base that wishes to compete regularly against comparably skilled opponents in Longer-Format Matches where luck is minimized and skill can be expected to determine the outcome.

The EDS Match Play Tournament Format will feature:

  • “Big Points”, skill-based matches.

  • Multi-day play with great flexibility of scheduling (you may, in theory, complete all your matches in a single day if you can schedule them).

  • The opportunity to play all your EDS Tournament Matches against Players of a comparable skill level.

  • Short-term Championship results after each 14-day Play Period, with YEPs payouts.

  • Real-time ranking of Division A players on each League’s main page, showing the progress of matches played in this Championship Division.

  • Long-term skill rankings in a new standalone Divisional Ranking System that allows Players to accurately evaluate their performance against specific individuals. Instant update of Eliters Standard League Rating, Ranking and Stats, with Match Wins and Losses, in addition to Tourneys and Victories results.

EDS Tournaments will be contested as a continuing series of True Round Robin Tournaments in a Match Play format, based on Divisional alignments. See the detailed graphical presentation of the Divisional System.

  • EDS Tourneys will run continuously, over 2 Play Periods each month:

    • The first Play Period starts the 1st of each month at Noon and ends the 14th at 23:59 PM EST.
    • The second Play Period starts the 15th of each month at Noon and ends the 28th at 23:59 PM EST.

    The Practice is to start the Period on time (Noon on the 1st and 15th) if the Division has 15+ Registered Players.

    Divisions are given one more day to get 15+ Players; the minimum required to start the Period. Usually these Divisions are started as soon as the Events Director notices that there are 15+ Players or at Noon on the 2nd and 16th.

    Divisions that did not have enough Players to start the Period on the 2nd day; the Period is cancelled for that Division.

  • EDS Tourneys will be hosted by the HA, or an AA, or a Senior TD, at the HA’s discretion. The EDS Host will be called DPA (Division Period Administrator).

  • Players will be seeded into Divisions, ranked as follows: Division A, Division B, Division C, and so forth.

  • Each Division (except the lowest, called the “Division Z”) will have exactly 10 Players.

  • Division Z will consist of anywhere between 5 and 14 Players, except when there are more than 264 Divisional Players entered in a single League. The Division Z size will be the Players above 250 already allocated to Divisions A through Y.

  • In EDS Tournament play every Player completes a match against each other Player in his/her Division during each Play Period. In other words, every Player in an EDS Division plays 9 matches per Play Period, against common opponents, and rankings will be adjusted after each match within the Division.

  • After each Play Period the Divisions will be realigned based on performance in the just-completed Play Period. In each Division except the A and Z Divisions, 3 players move UP, 3 players move DOWN, and 4 remain in place. Any Players finishing in the top 3 of their current division will move up a Division in the next Period. If they are in Division A already, they get another star and stay put.

  • Eliters Tourney General Rules apply. This includes the same-name rule.
  • Entry Fee for each EDS Period will be 250 YEPs.

  • You may also Subscribe for 1 full year (24 Periods) or 6 months (12 Periods) in the League of your choice.

    By subscribing:

    • Our system will automatically register you in each New Period when it opens.
    • You will not miss any Period registration, thus securing your Divisional Position.
    • You will have Fees Savings; in the 1 year subscription you are actually paying for 20 Periods only, and getting 4 Periods FREE.
    • And more ... If you are a Guest Member you will get a FREE Silver Membership status (No YEPs attached) with the 1 year subscription.

You may request the withdrawal from EDS; before the Start of the next Period, and get the remaining subscription, excluding the next Period where the Player would continue to be registered in, on the following basis:

    • If the withdrawal is from an ongoing EDS, the subscriber will have to bear the used Periods at the full Rate of 250 YEPs, and therefore the liquidation value will be equal to the difference between the Subscription (5000 YEPs per 24 Periods or 2750 YEPs per 12 Periods) and the used number of used periods x 250 YEPs.

    • If the withdrawal is due to the suspension of the EDS in the League for over 4 consecutive Periods, the liquidation value will be 208 YEPs per remaining Period, representing the full liquidation of the average Period Subscription Rate.

  • Each Division will award prizes of 600 YEPs to the winner, 300 YEPs to the runner-up, and 200 YEPs to the third place finisher.

  • Each division will pay, in addition to the above Prizes, a bonus to all Players at the rate of 5 YEPs per point earned.

  • Each Player will also get the the Activity Bonus for each Match played. This bonus is:
    • For Silver Members, 1 YEP for each Loss and 2 YEPs for each win.
    • For Gold Members, 2 YEPs for each Loss and 4 YEPs for each win.
    • For Platinum Members, 5 YEPs for each Loss and 10 YEPs for each win.
    • For Diamond Members, 10 YEPs for each Loss and 20 YEPs for each win.

Join the next period of EDS here

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