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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 102
August 2011
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Summer Cruise Badge Winners

Congratulations to the following Players who earned the Summer Cruise Badge during the month of July 2011:

Summer Cruise

League Player
bgy adt100097
bowlp badcrue62
bowlp gsalt7
bowlp rigelo2
criby jimnanke
criby linda_nz16
criby perfect29_1
criby ricsvg
criby witch_number_13
doy azbballplayer
doy elitersdrew
doy kingdominoXL
doy royallove2000bb
doy unstoppalbleone
euchp bumpjo
euchp elitersdrew
euchy amanut123
euchy Buskey7777
euchy dizzyschaut
euchy kysha41
euchy redwinefreaky
euchy tenn_style42
euchy tramlee02
euchy uofmnsigmachi
euchy zarmonster
giny adclerk2001
giny gaildeans6
giny madbear2222
giny richjb54
giny rudy.berniesmith
giny valmnstr
giny zarmonster
holdemp boomereelite
pinoy awfulcapper9
pinoy blue_max42
pinoy drsally3
pinoy eterraccino
pinoy fadedglory20042002
pinoy little1geo69
pinoy lostandsugar
pinoy lynchs97
pinoy Mschief_Angel
pinoy p_nuck_nut69
pinoy pking_3yb
pinoy playerwrb1236
pinoy rav132001
pinoy silverladyAz
pinoy snoopwood2001
pinoy ssmuffin1775
pinoy vdp19472000
poolp ciprian04q
poolp cryptid
poolp dacrazychic
poolp desiresnol
poolp dlbbmiller
poolp elitersdrew
poolp lazyzee
poolp nightroneilnz
poolp pennh

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