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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 104
October 2011
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Thoughts and Prayers Please

Thoughts please to Frank (beenyounger) on the loss of his only brother to cancer. All at Eliters have you in our prayers.

Get well soon Lennie (crittermilker) after your recent accident. Thoughts and prayers are with you. 

I have just been informed that one of our Bowlers has been hospitalized with viral meningitis. Please include BADCRUE62 in your prayers for a speedy recovery.
Thank you.

Brotha Mikey News

Yvonne just rushed Mike to the hospitol. He said his left arm was numb and he couldn't see. He was having a hard time walking. Will let you all know more as I hear it.
I know many of you pray and he has prayed for many of you so if you do pray say one for Mike.


As you know, I had to rush Mike to the hospital tonight. He was complaining of not being able to walk, left arm numb and trouble seeing.

The short car ride that it took to get him there, he was getting worse. His speech was slurred and he had trouble getting the words out, plus a major headache. His bloodwork was normal, chest x-ray and EKG were also normal. They took him for a CT Scan and are waiting on results. They are keeping him for a couple of day, barring that the CT results are normal and not a stroke, pump him full of meds and give him therapy and hope that will do the trick. If the CT shows abnormalities, they will take it from there. When I left, he was still in the ER, if you would like the phone number for the hospital, message me on FB, as my YIM is rarely on.


You guys are the greatest and I thank each n everyone of you for your concerns and prayers.Thank GOD for Rick n Evie they really are off the hook,Heck-Rick even helped me to the car during the Giants game lolllllllllllllllll believe me,that meant a lot.Anyway,thanx again guys,once again y'all have proved what great family eliters is.  


Passing of Beenyoungers Brother today

I would like to let all of Franks friends know in cribbage that he lost his only brother today after a long but hard fought battle with Cancer.
I know he will accept your prayers and kind thoughts. I just wanted you all to know. Thankyou all.


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