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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 104
October 2011
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Eliters Badges Winners - 2

Congratulations to the following Players who earned the honor of the following Eliters Badges during the month of September 2011:

Smiling School Bus (continued)

ginp beancounter1244
ginp MadamDixie7
ginp papillon_1_98
ginp robehin8
ginp southercomfort62
giny adclerk2001
giny blake4563
giny daddysangel11104
giny debzgame2
giny desiresnol
giny dolce1968vita
giny eliters_sweet_thang
giny gaildeans6
giny icestorm1910
giny jazzzzzhands
giny lillino367
giny okokyourtheboss
giny rocking9ball
giny uofmnsigmachi
giny valmnstr
giny vtspirit1
giny wannawinthis2
giny yepaholic
giny zarmonster
hearty Buskey7777
hearty swisspoe
holdemp player64457
holdemp sdotsonsms
holdemp unstoppalbleone
holdemp WeatherwLOLZ
pinoy awfulcapper9
pinoy blue_max42
pinoy bombiex420
pinoy branch.diamond
pinoy brett_1967
pinoy broadsclublady
pinoy drsally3
pinoy eterraccino
pinoy fadedglory20042002
pinoy lollipop1960ca
pinoy lostandsugar
pinoy lumberjack1960
pinoy lynchs97
pinoy mschief_angel
pinoy p_nuck_nut69
pinoy pinkrose_41_58
pinoy ris0319
pinoy scpo82
pinoy ssmuffin1775
pinoy tykejr2004
pinoy unstoppalbleone
pinoy xdestinyxtc
poolp cryptid
poolp dacrazychic
poolp debbienelite
poolp desiresnol
poolp dklrho3
poolp dlbbmiller
poolp elitersdrew
poolp Hueywms
poolp lazyzee
poolp nightroneilnz
poolp robehin8
poolp tajiman2959
poolp velveteen524
poolp xxSpoilerxx2000
spady lpoolvally3
spady rockabyeangel22
spady uofmnsigmachi

Fiery Kiss



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