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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 108
February 2012
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Lobby Humor

Every once in a while a slip of the fingers occurs and we land up with some hilarious situations in the lobby.  We recently had the criby lobby in stitches when one of our favorite players typed jugs instead of hugs... you can imagine how the rest of the night went. 


Well, when Lity was really active and I hosted a lot.. I had a couple of reputations, not that I am proud of them but all seemed to get big laughs and when older players come around, they usually make a comment!  I would host and fall asleep in my chair.. quite embarressing really, but players seemed to find it quite comical that i would wake up all stiff with QWERTY on my forehead from my head on the keyboard, and windows open all over.. Cat wake up, Cat you fell asleep again, buzz buzz buzz!!  Another thing, on our keyboards, the x is next to the c, and while hosting I would say one seX meaning one seC, which also got players teasing me.. Lity being a spelling game, and I was at one time HA, I would laugh it off and tell them I would learn to spAll one day maybe!  We have to make light of our mistakes and give the players something to want to come back for!.


This  story is funny now but it was nervewracking at the time:

I was hosting my MS to become super td  with 26 playersin -  and suddenly  the electricity goes.  Luckily  I own a lap top so I had a computer to host but what to do abut internet?  My  hubby came to the rescue - he has a cell phone that can become a wifi spot  so I was able to get back on the internet and finish hosting

I had 3 hours scheduled to host  I had flashlights laying around the lap top so I could see the keyboard and candles so I could see the laptop  I had 25% charge left on computer when the lights came back on but I managed to host all my ts and besides the snag until I got back on everything went well.  This shows you how dedicated we are as tds!

Thanks for letting me share my story

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