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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 111
May 2012
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DiceD (Yahtzee GameDesire) offers new formats

With the increasing popularity of this game, DiceD has added the following new formats:

(1.) Cat Walk - Players must use the Bottom Half of the Yatzy Board (2 Pair - chance) for scoring. The Top Board (1s - 6s) does not count. Highest score wins. - Unrated Tables.
Note: Players should try clicking on a box (1s - 6s) to add a 0 that has no number in the slop roll to match the Top Boxes (1s - 6s). If any case persists a number score is added in (1s - 6s), it will be deducted to obtain the correct score.

(2.) Double Roller - Players must roll the dice twice, and then click on any prefered box on that roll. - Rated Tables.
Note: Thirds rolls are a (disqualification and must click resign game), opponent(s) must accept. Dice are held or (picked) both rolls.

(3.) Nail in the Coffin - The first player to state exactly 250 points will wins. Otherwise regular game. - Unrated Tables.

(4.) Snake Pit - First player to roll yahtzee with aces (1s) wins. Otherwise regular game. - Unrated Tables.

(5.) Over and Under - The first player to roll either yahtzee with aces (1s), or sixes (6s) wins. Otherwise play for high score. - Unrated Tables.

For those of you who may be new to the GameDesire site, the following hints were offered up by SlamDoc21 

  • DiceD New Players should take time to learn the Setting Table Features according to the rules on the DiceD Tourney Page.
  • Also, I'd kindly advise all players to click on the Rules Link located in the Lower Middle Box that is provided with the Specific Rules while awaiting on the Tourney to Start. Which the Old & New Gimmick Tourneys will run only at the :45 Time Spots by Regular DiceD TDs. (Hot TDs will run only Regular Rated / No Timer Tourneys
  • Last but not least, it would be best to become familiar with the Terms and Abbreviation Topic. This will teach players how to have a better Gameplay. Of course there is more added in the Scoring Layout. There are some Tricks that can be used in filling in the Bottom Board 2 Pair - Chance after Rolliing & Marking the 5 of a Kind Box. If another Yahtzee is thrown, the empty boxes may be used for better scoring by using the next Yahtzee to fill in the Box .

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the DiceD hosts!

Click here for more detailed information on DiceD

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