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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 112
June 2012
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TDs may now Play in their Tourneys

After the success of the temporary arrangement; allowing TDs to Register and Donate in their Own 1x1 Tourneys; and after noticing the allowance of TDs in other Leagues to Play in their own Tourneys, and in order to keep the high standards in Eliters; it has been decided to move this arrangement a step forward; by allowing Eliters TDs to Play in their own Tourneys of any Format (1x1, 1x3, and 2x2); adhering to the following Rules and Guidelines:

  • TDs should try their best to get the minimum Players required to start the Tourney and must never register before the Tourney Start Time, and only when a Hero is needed.
  • TDs may Play in ONLY 1 of their Tourneys at a Time while Hosting; they should never play in other Tourneys while Hosting; therefore the Playing and Hosting restriction will continue to apply; weeklies and Events will not be considered as Playing in Multiple Tourneys.
  • The 1 Tourney at a time, and the Hero Rules do not apply in the following cases:
    • TDs can play in ALL their Weekly (Multi-Day) Tourneys at the same time, and with whatever number of registered Players.
    • TDs will be allowed to play in Events hosted by them such as ELIC, Decathlon, EDS and Olympics. All Events Minimum Tourney Requirements will remain as they are now.
  • TDs may also substitute in a tourney run by them; if they are not already playing in another Tourney Hosted by them.
  • TDs, including SFTDs, may continue to Donate in any further Tourney run by them at the same time; if the starting time is passed and the Tourney needs only 1 player to start; with no other Player donating. This applies only on 1x1 Tourneys and it is not allowed in 1x3 or 2x2 Tourneys. The TD must donate and Report Loss when due to Play.
  • TDs must apply the highest Hosting Standards while playing in their own Tourneys. Players may report any violation to the above Rules using the Feedback available at the Bottom Left of the Tourney page, and providing all supporting screen shots.
  • Any abuse of the above Rules and Guidelines will never be tolerated; TDs violating or abusing these facilities will be warned and then terminated if they persist on their violations.

The application of this new arrangement will be effective June 1st, 2012.

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